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    Jul 15, 2015
    Dear Tim,

    I paid $579 for a SG Sport watch. That’s Australian Dollars. You can buy most android phones with that money here.

    I’ve been an avid Apple creative for over a decade. I have pretty much every Apple product so far, so I wanted to give the Watch a try, to see how much of Jobs attention to detail and focus has remained at Apple.

    Here’s the pros and the cons as I perceived them in my one week of using the watch:

    • Looks ok
    • Not too heavy
    • Not as bulky as the marketing material portrays
    • Notifications is easy
    • Telling time is easy
    • Watch faces and complications are nice (I have two simple faces: one without any complications for weekends, another for the week-business time), although complications could be much more customisable.
    • Double click the crown for app switching
    • Remote: nice to control music in the house
    • Handoff: to iPhone, iPad and Mac. Look at a map on your wrist, think “oh, ****, this is small” and open it on your laptop.
    • Activity: keeps you aware of your movement and is properly executed

    Software Cons:
    • Overall: Very beta software wise: the fact Apple have some things you need to change on the phone, some on the watch and some you can on both. The home screen is a diagonal mess, one finger can easily cover three app icons.
    • Home: There is no solid way to go to the watch. sometimes you have to double press the crown, sometimes 1 time. Sometimes you press it too many times, and of all people, SIRI comes and asks you how it can help you. The double click app switcher should have been on the Friends button. The friends button should have been a third button on the other side in the middle.
    • Driving: outright dangerous the way the default taps on wrist to navigate are set up. The watch should detect the driving motions of your hand, and go in DND whenever it detects you're on the road.
    • Heart rate monitor: only records 2 out of 3 days. Sometimes not even during workouts. Also HealthKit isn't intelligent enough to see that a 30bpm spike or drop between otherwise consistent readings should be ignored or deleted.
    • Long loading times. Not just third party apps. But the Calendar takes its time. It also seems like the friends faces are having to be loaded off the iPhone each time you open the Friends screen. Not only that, but once an app starts loading and takes ages – Fantastical comes to mind – you have to wait for the load to finish before you can do anything else.
    • Customisation: I want to filter which notifications I can see and what data is displayed on the Watch. I have more calendars displaying on the Phone, but I don’t want them on the Watch. I just want my schedule on the watch, not the birthdays or shared calendars I’m subscribed to on the phone.
    • Phone: no ringtones we can choose from.
    • Workout: Very inaccurate fitness gimmick (start a Workout, choose Other, and then lay in the sofa typing on your laptop for 30 minutes and you have half of your Exercise goals)
    • Calendar: I can only see the current month… Really?
    • Reminders: no way to see a list, marking reminder notifications as completed doesn't get all the way through to the cloud.
    • Alarms: surprisingly does not sync with iPhone. No custom alarm tones can be set. Strange.

    Now, I could hang on to the watch, knowing that these software annoyances will be addressed in wOS 2.0, if it weren’t for the blatant lacking of the internal hardware.

    Hardware cons:
    • Speaker: needs improvement. Can’t be used to play music? Alarm in the morning will not wake you up.
    • S1: that first wrist computer is just that. The first one, not fast, not energy efficient and certainly not what you'd expect from an A8 chip companion.
    • Scratchy: Speaking of laptops: The pin in the watchband scratches the body of my Macbook Pro’s aluminium case when typing! Apple products attacking each other. Yes, there is a market for Apple Watch Strap cases. Or I could just get a leather loop that doesn’t have pin for AUD 229, say the price of a refurbished iPad mini.
    • Haptic engine: not strong enough. When walking with hands in pocket, the slapping of the sleeves of a coat on the watch generate phantom haptics.
    • Battery: barely has enough to get through a day if you use it for more than timekeeping too often. Since the battery is now at its best, it's safe to say it will only get worse.
    • Wifi: No way of telling when it is on, let alone basic technical information such as IP address, subnet or gateway. This has to be the first Apple device with wifi capability that doesn’t even allow us to see it.
    • Bluetooth: This might be an iPhone 6 issue: but when the iPhone is connected to the watch and a bluetooth headset simultaneously, the wifi seems to drop more often than not on the iPhone 6.
    • Force Touch: hardware wise needs proper calibration, feels rushed to market (the whole thing really), software: not really put in very intuitive places.
    • Digital Crown - still pretty analogue. It rotates. Dust can get in it. It's mechanical and thus the weakest part of the watch. Make it truly digital, like you did with the trackpads recently, Tim.
    • Ion X: the X stands for scratch. Simple limestone from my fireplace managed to tear a horizontal line over my watch on day 2. Safire available at unreasonable premium.

    Absolutely not nice:
    • The price, Apple seems to just trying to get paid for 3 years of extensive R&D, and a very expensive marketing campaign.
    • Doesn’t even come with a manual, or at least a quick getting started folder. This is Apple’s most challenging new product. iPod were a natural flow and improvement over MP3 players. iPhones were a natural evolution of the Blackberries. iPads were just larger iPhones. The watch is inventing a lot of new stuff and has a steep learning curve if you want to use it for more than just a watch.
    • Radio radiation: I'm not sure having streaming Bluetooth antennas pressed into your wrist is adding to my health.
    • Marketing mails: Days after purchasing the watch, Apple keeps sending email to point out things you can do with it. Including Apple Pay (nope not here)

    A very sleek and nice looking device with some nice core features. But that's it. The $579 price tag for the entry model of a notification center device and a bit of health awareness requiring a $1,000 way too big pocket computer, is almost like a test to see just how far you can go with Apple loyalty.

    Well, Tim, you've found that limit now. You don't have a nose for the future, like Steve had, so you better have a pretty large and diverse beta tryout group before you bring v2.0 to the market.

    Cut the price in half. Get it to work at least one week on one charge. Allow mix-n-match between the cases and the bands. Let me know when that's possible and I might get another one.

    But the biggest mistake Apple made here was hyping it beyond proportions. Making these watches appear as super tools, while really only being an accessory to the iPhone. You should have waited a year, and sell it in bundles with the purchase of a new phone.

    I feel this is the first product where the return rate will be as important as the sales figures.

    Mine is going back on Monday.

    Thanks for reading this, Tim.


    Buyers advice
    Buy the sports. Try it out for a week like I did, and see how you go. If the above cons bother you too, return it. Hard as it is to phantom right now, Apple does have a tendency to release 2.0 hardware in less than a year after launching 1.0. Also the fact that WatchOS 2 is just around the corner with native apps (which the current battery or the S1 will barely cope with), gives me confidence Watch 2.0 is coming very soon.

    Apples recurring mantra "we wanted to get product x in to as many hands as possible", also leads me to think that: they will release a new watch, or at the very least drop the price of this one, when the next iPhone is announced in September.
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    Nov 26, 2011
    I've tried 2. An SS model, and a sport. The SS actually worked better out of the two, but in the end they both went back. Just not enough bang for the buck, IMO.

    I will consider buying another when the second generation model comes out though. I WANT to like it, but just can't right now, for many of the same reasons as the OP.

    I bought a Fitbit charge HR last week. It really does a lot of things the Apple watch does, plus pretty darn good sleep tracking, at a fraction of the price. I'm pretty happy with it and will probably keep it.
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    May 29, 2015
    Leicestershire, UK
    Where I agree with some of your points, a lot of it I find very hard to agree with or flat out wrong.


    • The loading times could be better, hopefully this will be improved in OS2.
    • Although not necessary, ringtones would be nice. Maybe an oversight? Would be good to see in a future update.
    • Only being able to see one month on the screen with the calendar is ridiculous. At least give us one month on the screen and the option to scroll through them!
    • The taptic engine is quite weak, far from useless but something a little firmer would be a welcome upgrade in any future watches.
    • Pressing the crown goes home, double press goes to last used app, holding goes to siri, friends goes to friends and double click friends goes to Apple Pay.
    • The workout app definitely doesn't use the hardware available to the best extent; massive room for improvement there but I can't imagine anybody setting up an "other" workout everyday and doing nothing just to convince themselves that they are fulfilling their needs. People are obviously aware that just because the watch says so, if they didn't do anything, it doesn't count.
    • Alarms set on the phone will ring and vibrate through the watch. I'm fairly sure you have to be wearing the watch but this has definitely happened for me.
    • Yes, the speaker is weak, but look at the size of it and watch a teardown maybe. There's a lot inside it. I agree that it will be an awful alarm and I think Apple made a dumb move by making that a feature of OS2.
    • My battery is perfectly fine, perhaps you got a slight dud? I have just finished 12 hours at work where my wrists are constantly moving up and down, activating the screen literally non stop, combined with frequent use and I still have 40% remaining. I also wore, and used, the watch for 3 hours prior to going there. At the weekend my I rarely scratch over 30% used in a day of semi-frequent use.
    • Force touch feels fine to me. I respect your opinion and maybe you just simply don't like it but honestly, I can't find any flaws with it. I would probably only improve this by changing the nudge it makes to more of a solid click. Personal preference I guess.
    • Digital crown - I don't totally understand how you would change this? I am genuinely interested to hear your idea for improvement over a standard rotation. Chances are I may even agree.
    • There was a quick start guide with some (very) basic instructions inside the white sleeve within the box. I admit that I much prefer a proper old fashioned instruction manual but you don't seem to get those with anything anymore. A genuine shame but the price we pay for an all digital age.
    • I've not had any marketing mails from Apple about my watch other than to tell me that Apple Pay had been made available to me in the UK. Sucks that you have, maybe you can fin an opt out somewhere in your Apple account?

    Now... I've tried to give my opinions here fairly and respect yours too. I'm not jumping to anybody's defence and the watch is far from perfect but forums are for discussion hey? Also, I have noticed that the way some of my points are written may give off an essence of sarcasm - this is not the case, my entire post is sincere.

    EDIT - I've avoid discussing price and value for a very good reason. Everybody will get different uses from the watch and different people will call different prices expensive. I spent £340GBP on mine and to some people that would be a lot to spend on something that nobody needs, to some richer folk it would be pocket change spent on an incredibly useful tool. Different strokes, different folks.
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    Jan 24, 2013
    I got the SS with black sports band.

    I think the haptic works well - I was missing text message haptic for awhile, but noticed there's kind of a double setting for it. I had to set it to custom and to give haptic feedback twice. I think one was off, another on in the settings.

    Now I get them regularly.

    Force touch also works well, and you could set what notifications you want sent to the watch. Also, the battery in my 42 mm lasts all day..

    All together it's really just a watch.
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    Aug 18, 2009
    Grimsby, UK
    Absolutely 100% agree with these two points!!
  6. KingOfTas thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jul 15, 2015
    Cool, all sounds reasonable to me.
    • Press the home button when you're in the BBC app. It takes you to the Universe. (press #1), Another time to scroll to the watch app (press #2), and another to get to see the time (press #3). As opposed to iPhone and iPad, where one press gets you to the page on the home screen, and a second one takes you to page one, in case you weren't there.
    • Alarms: Can't confirm, I only have the alarms I've set on the watch
    • Speaker: I'm a consumer, teardowns don't really matter in my life.
    • Battery, every day under 20% remaining. I have slightly longer days.
    • Force Touch: fair enough, it just feels "wobbly" to me
    • Digital Crown: make it touch sensitive: eg: sliding with your finger over it makes it scroll. No physical rotation required = more waterproof = swimming apps
    • Marketing emails: you'd have to have bought it online I think. It might not have been in place when you ordere yours or it might be Aussie only, or it might be because I had an online setup appointment.
    • Price: again I understand your point, however, there is the fact that someone did fork over at least $AU 1,000 for the phone. So if that is of a certain value, I certainly wouldn't attribute the watch to be 58% of the value of the entry level iPhone 6.
    Thanks for responding.
  7. DoctorFedora macrumors regular

    Jun 8, 2010
    This is actually exactly as wrong as possible. The reason why you can't manipulate an Apple Watch's screen underwater is because it's a capacitative touch-sensitive surface (which, more or less by definition, absolutely cannot cope with being underwater). The digital crown is actually only usable at all underwater because it's a physical interface.
  8. KingOfTas thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jul 15, 2015
    I hear you. That's because touchscreen tech hasn't found a solution for the underwater situation. Until that is the case, your point most certainly stands.
  9. Blujelly macrumors 65816


    Sep 2, 2012
    South East England
    Don't use whilst driving? It's just the same as using a phone shouldn't be used whilst driving, so if its not comfortable or annoying to have on whilst driving, put it in the glove box.

    Realistically you're not going to need
  10. DoctorFedora macrumors regular

    Jun 8, 2010
    Well, the "solution" would have to be something pressure-based (which would mean a return to the joys of screen calibration), because of the nature of conductivity of water.
  11. KingOfTas thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jul 15, 2015
    Good. You say I'm using it wrong, I beg to differ. Putting a phone away is one thing, taking of your watch to drive is another. Just as vibrating in your pocket is different from those 6 taps on your wrist to turn left. It's more that this Maps mirror phone thing is set to on by default, and that there is a way for the watch to damn well know that you're driving, since you asked Siri for driving – not walking – directions.

    I almost hit an elder couple traversing the street the first time WristMaps was trying to bring to my attention that the turn to be taken is far more important than the people in front of the car.

    This is a huge safety risk by Apple, that should have been OFF by default and more intelligent to only work with walking directions.
  12. Blujelly macrumors 65816


    Sep 2, 2012
    South East England
    I never actually said you're using it wrong, I implied if it felt un-comfortable whilst driving then don't use it, I personally think it shouldn't be used whilst being driven, if it was on my wrist I wouldn't let it distract me!

    The whole point of SatNav is that its in your eye's LOS, bringing your wrist up to yours eye level is distracting or moving your head to see it twisted on a steering wheel is also distracting.

    I'd agree yes Apple should have made it safe some how, BUT that being said its a weak excuse to use if you caused an accident or whatever. The court wouldn't see it that way your in control of the car all safety measures should be taken out by you and only you!
  13. David58117 macrumors 65816

    Jan 24, 2013
    I'm confused as to how being tapped on the wrist causes accidents?
  14. xotigu macrumors member

    Jul 21, 2014
    While I respect your opinion.
    What you basically need right now is a smartphone and not a smartwatch.
    I bought one because I just like to see the time and get notified at the same time, and the addition of workout app and some interactive apps are just enough for me.
    I didn't buy one because I want it to function just like an iPhone, if that is the case, then it would be already redundant (smarthphone in my pocket & smartphone in my wrist).

    The price, well yeah it's pretty expensive but not that bad compared to Hermes, Gucci etc. that's super expensive but people don't complain about it :)
  15. ifarlow macrumors regular


    Apr 23, 2015
    It is not Apple's fault that you are incapable of resisting the urge to look at your watch while driving or are incapable of doing so without running people over. Do you blame the auto manufacturer because your radio makes noise? Are you so skittish that you swerve off the road when someone else blows their horn?
  16. NovemberWhiskey macrumors 68030


    May 18, 2009
    OP startles easily.
  17. KingOfTas thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jul 15, 2015
    Well, I set the watch up with the standard settings. The first time I ask Siri on my phone to drive me to location X, at a crossing, suddenly the watch starts tapping on my wrist like crazy (6 times apparently, but with prominent haptic it's more)

    Pretty scary the first time. And of course it taps at at really bad spot too, since it's always at an intersection. I parked on the side of the road, took my phone, and disabled the tap directions immediately.

    And of course it's my responsibility. That's why it matters so much.
  18. Mildredop macrumors 68020

    Oct 14, 2013
  19. KingOfTas thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jul 15, 2015
    My god, internet forums. Thread went well for about 4 replies. Then the name-callers come.

    My OP still stands, and many people have the same concerns.

    Take care.
  20. dschulian macrumors regular


    Apr 29, 2015
    Why don't you just cover your watch with your hand, when you want to go back to the watchface? The only reason you want this is when you finished using an app anyway..
  21. Roller macrumors 68020

    Jun 25, 2003
    I agree with many, but certainly not all, of the OP's points. Value is subjective - for me, the watch (sport) has been well worth what I paid. I think that some limitations will be addressed over time through software, which is why I'm looking forward to Watch OS 2.0. Others will require hardware improvements, but that's the way it is with every device.
  22. Blujelly macrumors 65816


    Sep 2, 2012
    South East England
    Thank you :)
  23. phpmaven macrumors 68040


    Jun 12, 2009
    San Clemente, CA USA
    Actually they don't. Many of your points are things that I've never heard anybody complain about, and frankly, many of them are nit-picky and several are just nonsensical.
  24. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    This is already possible. What made you think you can't do this?
  25. macrooster Suspended

    May 28, 2014
    Ya most of these "cons" are nothing but nit picky nonsense. This one specifically got me:

    • Ion X: the X stands for scratch. Simple limestone from my fireplace managed to tear a horizontal line over my watch on day 2. Safire available at unreasonable premium.
    I have the basic SG sport and have not gotten one scratch on the screen. I bike and walk in an urban area and haven't run into one issue with scratches (yet). It's kind of common knowledge when you bang something made of glass and finely tuned metal against stone there's a good chance something bad is gonna happen.

    All I'd say to OP is that if you don't like it, return it. I don't disagree it's nothing more than a gen 1 product. If mine broke would I replace it? probably not. Is it a horribly flawed product as OP pegs it, no.

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