I am a complete D**ckhead... who needs help.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Danrose1977, Apr 26, 2004.

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    This is going to sound really dim.... so I am just going to get it over with.

    I accidetally got coleslaw in my Apple bluetooth mouse. Does anybody know how to get the thing open so I can clean it out before it starts to smell? I managed to get the battery cover off and clean that up, but can I get eny further into its inards?

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    Rod Rod

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    accidents happen. it's okay. many worse things have happened between people's foods and their computer stuff.

    opening up the bluetooth mouse will risk cracking at least a couple of pieces, if the illustrated disassembly guides for the wired Apple pro mouse are any indication.

    I'd guess putting the mouse in a box, with some baking soda on one side and a few packets of dessicant (you know, that stuff that comes in shoeboxes along with new shoes), and letting it sit there a few days might help. the baking soda might take care of the smells and the dessicant might take care of the moisture.

    edit: sentence fragment :)
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    A toothbrush for the bluetooth mouse might do it!?!? :D Sorry, couldn't resist.

    How does it operate right now...at all?

    I like the idea just posted...although what about compressed "air" (gas) to clear out as much as possible before doing the other idea.

    Post it to an apple tech at support and see what comes up. (many have used a dishwasher for cleaning their keyboards- TOP RACK ONLY- :D and letting it dry for a week or so before using it. Don't know if that would work at all in the case of course as they are pretty tight, but for that matter, would that much coleslaw get in there?

    Good luck
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    Something similar is under way... I don't think I will risk trying to open the mouse, lets hope it works when its dried out!

    You would have thought I had learned my lesson though... last year I spilt a milkshake in my motorbike helmet.... didn't notice and then put the helmet on three days later, yes, it was a hot weekend and yes I felt pretty darn sick! :(
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    Its not so much the solid ingredients, but the mayonaise that I am worried about :D
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    Jan 6, 2004
    Oh NO!!! Geez... that sucks. oof. :(
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    Sorry when I read your thread title on the main page "I am a complete D**ckhead... who needs help", I thought you were a windoze user.

    Good luck with the clean up.

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