I amazed some PeeCee users today


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Jan 6, 2002
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Those of you who read my 'I'm buying a digital camera' thread know that I was wondering whether the Pentax Optio 230 is supported by iPhoto (it's not listed as being supported on Apple's site).

So what I did was take in an iBook to the camera store, and ask if I could just plug it in and see if iPhoto recognised it.

I was promptly told that they couldn't let me because I'd have to copy the software onto my machine, which is illegal. I explained that I didn't want to copy anything, I just wanted to see if my iBook would recognise it without installing the software.

The person serving me gave me all sorts of 'you idiot' type looks and so did everyone else in the store, but eventually they let me try.

So I slipped out my iBook and popped the lid. OS X came up instantly when waking form sleep, and I opened iPhoto. They all commented how fast it was and asked the speed of the processor. "366 MHz" I said. I don't think they believed me! :)

So I plugged the camera into my iBook, and up popped "Pentax Optio 230." I clicked 'import' and a few seconds later all the photos were on my machine.

Everyone watching (almost everyone in the store) there was stunned! :D:D:D Mwhahahahaha!

I gave the whole 'Mac OS X is just made for this kind of stuff' speel, bought the camera and went on my merry way...


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Mar 25, 2002
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What a great little story! :D Big up to the Mac!
Maybe apple needs to deploy people to PC stores with PowerBooks and iBooks just to show up the wintel notebooks :D


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May 4, 2002
wow, what a great way to generalize about 'peecee' users...

the particular guy working in the store was just clueless, and possibly an all-around jerk.


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Jan 2, 2001
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That is so friggin' awesome man!! I just love it when u can prove someone wrong point blank...esp. when it comes to something they should already know.

Props to u Beej...I'll be working on my friend with the POS peecee this weekend....the one who asked me to bring over my Ti so she can see exactly what it's all about... ;)


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Jan 24, 2002
Great story dude!

HA!!! It appears that people who work with PCs have gotten used to the hassles of owning one. Well, let them fidget with the installation of drivers while we Macheads go on enjoying the digital lifestyle.