I can’t turn on iCloud Keychain on my iPhone X running iOS 13.3.1 -


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Feb 10, 2013
I have reset my iCloud Keychain due to I didn’t know my recovery key from 2 step auth...but now I can’t turn on my iCloud keychain on my iphone because it’s corrupted .Everytime I enter my Apple Id a white page appears with a spinning wheel and in the end the keychain in off again.I have an iMac which iCloud Keychain is enabled (maybe because there are passwords and data localy) and my iPad which is enabled too.The only device I can’t turn on iCloud Keychain is my iphone.I want to mention that when I am logged in to my iCloud account there a message “Update Apple ID setting” which is stuckdd even if enter my password.

I have tried so many tricks without reason.

Restore and set up as new
Log out my iCloud from other devices
Turn off Keychain iCloud from other devices
I have used another Apple ID in order to test it and it’s ok..

The last resort is to make a new Apple ID but it’s my last option..

May someone have any other idea?i ll really appreciate it!