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Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by Zion Grail, Jan 5, 2003.

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    Dec 24, 2002
    I've been using computers since I was 5. I have a picture of me as a 5-year-old on an old DOS machine as my dog (then a puppy) tugged at my sock for attention. (Don't worry, I paid attention to her. She had just ignored me a few minutes ago, so I made her wait a moment while I was on the computer. She's still alive, and I still play fetch with her ever day. She may be old, but still loves attention.) Up until recently, the majority of my computer experience has been on Windows or DOS (and some UNIX).

    A few years ago I experiemented with Linux, and was impressed technically (and visually), but it was a pain to configure. I spent even more time fussing with it than I did Windows.

    Well, a month or so ago I realized that I'd need a laptop for school. No question - there was no way I could commute and not have one.

    Then, to my horror, I'd realized that what problems I'd had with Windows would follow me everywhere. They could be dealt with at home, but relying on this thing for school wasn't a fond thought. Then I realized that even Linux wasn't an option - it'd make things worse.

    I saw my future option when my ex-girlfriend showed me her iBook. I was impressed with the GUI of the OS, and looked into it further. UNIX-based? Huh? When did THIS happen?

    After deeply researching Apple, I had realized the blatantly obvious: Apple had been reborn. Steve Jobs had come back and saved it. The new designs were truly futuristic, and OS X was revolutionary. Then, I looked into the PowerBook (to ensure I had a better machine than my ex).

    I had been impressed by Apple's website, but I needed to see and play with one up-close to be sure this was something for me. So I attended the Apple Store opening in Oakbrook.

    Oh... my... God... I had thought I'd seen lines before, but DAMN. I never expected such a line... and following. The people were fanatics... the chanting... Apple... Apple... Apple... Was I at a computer store, or a cult meeting? I was kind of alienated at first, but then one of the staff came up, sensing I felt rather out of place. We talked a bit, and rather than bash me for being a PC user as I expected, he talked to me about the fundemental differences between Apple and Windows. We chatted until he had to leave, and then I talked to others in line, and actually felt much more comfortable. I was still kind of intimidated, but less so.

    Eventually, it was clear for me to enter. (I wasn't that far back in line, actually.) I took the opportunatey to secure my spot at a PowerMac G4 (with two huge, beautiful displays) and toy around with stuff.

    I was very impressed with the displays, but told myself not to get attached as I was getting a laptop.

    Still, I was impressed by the OS. Right off the bat, I could do everything without needing to think "OK, I do this in Windows... how do I do that here?". I just did it. No fussing with configs. It just... all... worked.

    Needless to say, I was impressed. After confirming I could do my programming on the Mac, I decided. I was going to get a PowerBook. Period.

    I was a little surprised at myself. For years I had sworn off the Mac. Now *I* was buying one. Amazing. I tried to reason with myself. "It's just for work. I'll use my PC for everything else."

    Then I bought one. Took it home. Used it for a bit.

    I never expected this. A wonderful, flexible, powerful, beautiful, and open OS. This... is the single greatest OS ever created. Seiously. I mean that. OS X Jaguar is the greatest OS ever. No question. They've taken the greatness of UNIX and made it all work with ease. Awesome job, Apple!

    The hardware is great, too. My PowerBook is quite zippy, and the display is fantastic. And a CD-RW/DVD-ROM? w00t!

    It's now my main machine, and I only use my PC for games. I've already moved all my needed files. My PowerBook is now my master computer. I love my new PowerBook!

    I never thought it'd happen. I've "switched". Now my dad wants to "borrow" my PowerBook. Like hell. :D
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    Oct 5, 2001
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    Great to hear good news from a recent switcher...

    I'm a fellow PowerBook fan (both my Macs are PB G4s) and I share your enthusiasm for the design, features and performance.

    Welcome to MacRumors! :)

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