I dont know if anyone has seen this picture yet but its a buty!


have some aphex acid

it would be a nice pic if not for the "feet" at the corners. I don't get it, why feet for placing this screen side down?

otherwise, nice looking, dunno how practical.


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Dec 6, 2001
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Boy is that thing ugly.

Im sure prototypes are less guarded after the final version is done,thats why it is so much easier to get your hands on 'illegal' photos. I think thats what happened with the iWalk video.


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Nov 22, 2001
Re: yes

This is a fake! For a start, any new apple products would be pushing for an OSX look not OS9. Looks good though!


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Nov 6, 2001
Looks cool...

But it needs part of the screen dedicated for writing. I especially like the CD part... ;)

One ugly thing though is those four screws at each corner... Like someone else said, why should we put it down with the screen facing the surface?


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Jun 25, 2001
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Originally posted by agreenster
Is this supposed to be convincing? It was obviously done in a 3D package. There are like 400 different independant versions of the new iMac floating around. This is just one of them.
the image of the Tibooks that apple uses was actually created in photoshop.


that tower you pictured.. about being night before expo.. the case itself is very similar to a pic of a G4 I saw that had been burnt, where all the plastic has melted off.. I suspect someone just removed all the plastic from their case, except the 4 handle type things


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Feb 24, 2001
could be real

(just to clarify this is in response to the G4 pic not iPad)
This could be real since other sites had pictures of actual G4 prototypes like when MacOSX.org had the graphite version of the quicksilver


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Nov 6, 2001
But I thought

Novell makes network software???

Anyway... If this you think this looks real... the iWalk thing looks really real!


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Jul 10, 2001
iMac with detachable screen

The Register ran a feature on the new iMac in the Summer, where they claimed it would have a detachable touch sensitive screen that could be used for Web surfing. It would communicate wirelessly with the iMac base station, and since OS X is a properly layered OS, the base station would run the kernel and low level processes, leaving the detatchable screen to run Quartz - the graphics layer. This neat approach would mean you could use the screen unit to control several different Macs remotely.

Such a device would look very similar to this unit, although I would expect the CD/DVD drive to be on the base station to enable the tablet to be as slim and lightweight as possible.

Clearly you'd want to build handwriting recognition into the unit - this is where Newton comes in useful for once ;)

This this device would rely on OS X, it would have to run OS X as default, OS 9 would only be accessible via Classic.

If they release this device, it truely will be revolutionary, and very difficult for Windows PC manufacturers to copy.

greg godwin

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Jan 2, 2002
This design image appears to be significantly closer to what is being revealed at MWSF than anything i've seen before. It also gel's with my information on the new iMac/? having a wireless mouse/keyboard unit

Forget the iWalk, that's nothing compared to this.


Jan 7 will see this!

Here is what I think will be revealed on January 7th.

1 Screens: 10 -17 - 19 - 22 - 24. Regular and Touch Sensitive. Firewire, USB, Gigawire and Airport bulit-in. SuperDrive.

2 iPod size modules will plug into these screens. CPU Modules will come with G4/G5 and dual processors, with 512 - 2 GB memory and 10 - 40 GB HD.

Much like Chinese cooking, you can mix and match.

I can also take only myCPU module (in my pocket) and use any screen to show and/or do my work. As example, between my home and my studio I can commute with only the CPU. Also by carrying a 10" screen and my CPU plugged in I have a complete solution in my pocket.

Come on Steve, take the floor.