I don't think this video has been posted here yet.

Mac DV

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Feb 24, 2002
If it has and everyone has seen it...I apologize.


One of the movie files in the top left is a home video of Jobs demonstrating bluetooh during the MWTokyo keynote. Plus a quick clip of him commenting on the Imac supply/demand issue. Looks pretty cool...enjoy.

BTW I found this link at the 2-pop "cafe" forum. (www.2-pop.com)


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Aug 14, 2001
That Bluetooth cell phone connection was pretty cool and just so simple. Now I've got a good reason to start looking for my first Apple protable


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Mar 23, 2002
Thanks for Posting!


Thanks, Mac DV, for posting a link to my site!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the videos. I threw them together in a rush, but I think they turned out alright..

I just posted another one:

Filemaker Mobile Demo

i-mode is HUGE in Japan, so this appears to be some valuable software.. The video file is large; 10MB (My site's mainly for broadband)

At this very moment, I'm compressing iPod Dock. This device could be wildly popular! The video should be up in an hour.

It's called the 'iMac Zabuton'. A 'Zabuton' is a Japanese cushion people sit on. Traditionally, Japanese people didn't use chairs, so they sat on the floor, on a zabuton. This iPod Dock looks like the real 'zabuton'.

Along with a dock for the iPod, there are 2 firewire and 2 USB ports in the front. You can see it in the video.

The USB cars in the clip are, I believe, flash memory components. I think they could be used to cover the new Bluetooth component as well.. I could be wrong.

Hope you enjoy the clips

Mac Expo 2002 Videos *In the 'News' section

Thanks again!


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Mar 23, 2002
Flat Panel Love


I'm glad you enjoyed the 'display';)

I wanted to show the clarity of the screen, but an online video clip wouldn't do it justice.. It's a beautiful work of art.. I thought it gelled well with beautiful women.

The iPod Dock clip is up now. I'm calling it the 'iDocktor'..