I early upgraded to iPhone 3GS back in November 2009. In June 2010 I was

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by XciteMe, Sep 14, 2010.

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    May 21, 2009
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    eligible for ANOTHER early upgrade ($399/$499 for 16/32GB) for the iPhone 4.

    However with the iPhone 4 I lowered my plan rates, so that I'm only paying $59.99 a month for everything ($39.99 for voice call, $15 data plan at 200MB, and $5 text plan).

    I'm worried that because my monthly bill is so low, compared to when I had the iPhone 3GS I was paying about $89.99 a month, that when iPhone 5 comes AT&T will not offer me the same early upgrade.

    Should I increase my plan to maybe $79 or $89 a month so that I have a better chance or am I ok? I could add more data or more minutes but I wonuld NOT use them. Trust me.
  2. Ann P macrumors 68020

    Jun 29, 2009
    Interesting question as I have the same concern. I'm also curious as to why having a higher bill would increase one's chances of an early upgrade?
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    Well think about it... The more you pay, the more AT&T considers you "worthy" of an upgrade. In other words, to the front of the line. The others who pay cheap rates can "wait."

    I think that sucks but it's typical business practice.
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    Do not feed the trolls

    In 2009
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    Tell me, OP, which Alter is trolling today?

    Moderators - can't you do something?
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    Yeah, this troll has been promoting the ftfun.com website like yesterday and some other troll like stuff
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    Its not hard to get an early upgrade on your account. All I've ever had to do in the past is walk in a corporate store and ask. If they have any hesitation just tell them you're phone has been acting up and you don't really want to deal with a refurb.
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