I feel like I really owe you all an apology....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by a-m-k, Jul 16, 2017.

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    As you all know, I had spent an incredibly long time trying to improve my MBP performance, which has been fixed to a level far better than what it was when my issue started. Anyway, not the point. My point, that it was quite possible that you all couldn't (didn't) understand my posts.

    From what I have learned a little while ago about me personally, could explain the communication issues on my end.

    Unfortunately, it looks like I may be suffering from a form of the seizure, and it's so mild, I can actually work through the feeling. No, I don't thrash around, but yes, I know I am having an episode, and those around me know I am because they can observe my behavior.

    I am not writing this to try to get sympathy, maybe someone who posts to these forums can relate and offer some sort of insight. (I am currently, looking into finding a new neurologist/neurosurgeon because the Doctor I normally saw retired a few months ago. I don't think you all would reply with "GO to the Doctor. I was just posting where I stand with getting help.)
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    A seizure is usually indicative of electrical synapses spontaneously firing in isolated or broad areas of the brain, effectively giving false signals through neuronal links and therefore overwhelming cognitive functions. This leads to a 'seizure', if you're conscious and 'working through' it then it's more likely something else, although you can experience micro-seizures.

    Really depends on what's happened, though as you're describing personality changes (Temporary?) then I would suggest a trauma or re-uptake issue causing issue. In which case a chemical imbalance (Psychiatrist) would be best course. However it could also be a minor clot resulting in micro-seizures, in which case a Neurologist would be best. I would advise avoiding a Neurosurgeon for the time being.

    Go see a doctor and a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) specialist and go from there.

    I did a degree in Psychology so don't take any of that as gospel. But also don't overthink these things, and don't self diagnose. Just go see a doctor and see what they say, otherwise you'll be subject to labelling theory and placebo effects of hypochondria.
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    There are a lot of us here, so probably not all. ;) I did not recognize you, and see that most of your posts are in the Mac Pro section which I never visit. Anyway, I hope you can work through this and come visit the Community forum more often. We have all sorts of discussions here including about medical issues, health, and everything except more sensitive, debatable, controversial, political subjects which (you may already know this) can be found in the PRSI (Political, Religion, Sicial Issues) forum, but don't go there unless you have a strong stomach. :D

    What's Your Ailement?

    Eating Healthy and Exercise
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    Thank you for the positive posts. I have a condition called Hydrocephalus, and according to my mom, I had a Grand Mal seizure many years ago, and I believe she said it was related to my shunt for some reason. (I don't remember.) However, the last time I had a total shunt malfunction was way back in December of 1993! However, it happened four days after Christmas, and so, I was celebrating NYE in the hospital, asleep at midnight.

    However, I am not taking anything to control the episodes. I was only seen by an ER Doc and haven't found a new Neurosurgeon, yet. I've got a few options though.

    Thank you all for listening. :)
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    Are these communication problems normal or expected for you? If not you should probably not be sitting here apologizing or explaining, you should be seeing a neurologist immediately. And I wouldn't reccomend driving yourself.

    As a healthcare provider I can tell you there are a multitude of types of seizures out there, some with the possibility of remaining conscious. With your history though, it could be any number of possible issues.

    Please, for your own wellbeing, do not procrastinate on this.
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    I think most of my communication "problems" are because I am trying to over compensate for an education I felt I was cheated out of. (Speaking like I had an education higher than high school.) I was actually one of the lucky ones because the only times I had to go to the hospital were during school breaks. Though, I should have been having an operation the day I graduated because I had a blocked shunt tube.

    I don't drive because, apparently, way before high school, I actually did have a seizure. (The kind that you actually convulse.) I had a horrible experience with driver's Ed. anyway.

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