I get paid by the ton/percentage. I need an App for that!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by TruckdriverSean, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Ok here's the deal. I drive a truck for a living. Home every night. Love it.

    We haul bulk wood products, getting paid a couple of ways. First off is by percentage, as in I get paid 22.5% of what the company makes for a load. But the company gets paid by the ton, so in effect, I do too. The problem is that there are many tonnage rates for differing loads, and different percentage rates for drivers of lower/higher seniority. And then there's the bonus percentage (a retroactive +3% when a driver grosses at least $3000 for the pay period)

    This may sound a bit confusing, due at least in part to my ability to make the simple sound complicated.

    Ok here's an example:

    Load A pays the company 8.00/ton

    A driver with 5 years seniority gets paid 22.5% (in effect $1.80 per ton for that load)

    So when I haul 27.75 tons the company makes $222, and I make $49.95 for that load. If I haul 28.1 tons, the company makes $224.8, and I make $50.58.

    Load B pays the company $11.50/ton(it's a further distance away), and a driver @ 22.5% makes $2.588/ton. So 27.99 tons would pay the Co. $321.89 and I would make $72.44.

    So the week goes on and we get 2-4 loads a day, depending on the miles and availiable loads.

    By the end of the week, I break that $3000 dollar mark. At that point I get paid 25.5% (22.5%+3% bonus) for every load I ran during that pay period. That load on monday that payed me $49.95 just went up to $56.61 as my percentage went up. The way the payroll dept figures this is to add and extra "incentive bonus" amount to our weekly paycheck, as opposed to adding it into every load amount on our paperwork.

    So for those of you still awake... I need a app that can make it a bit easier to figure my payroll. Various loads pay different amounts per ton. Lots of loads per week. Something that can give me a quick easy total.

    Yes I know I could use a spreadsheet program for this, but I've slept since highschool, and I figure there has to be a simpler app for this. I've been all over the app store since I got the phone in November, and I've found next to nothing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Exactly!! I'm the stereotypical Razr(actually LG CU-500) user turned Apple convert.

    Highschool might have only been 10 years ago, and college... well let's say I got into the 'ole family occupation when my passion for becoming an R.N. dropped like the proverbial rock.

    I'm definitely not a developer!


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