I hate Micro$oft!

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by bdguyton1, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. bdguyton1 macrumors newbie

    Jan 1, 2003
    Micro$oft is really bad. they are just downright awful, and i can't stand Micro$oft. Macs rock. Apple is the best ever maker of computers. it rocks so much. MIcro$oft stinks. Apple rocks.I HATE WINDOWS! IT'S THE WORST OPERATING SYSTEM ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! GET A MAC! iBooks are the coolest laptops in the universe. they look and operate so cool! MICRO$SOFT STINKS!!!! all they want is your money. b/c Bill Gates is a retrard of a bazillionaire that has no clue how to make computers, or gaming systems. their mouses stink to! mine tore up after 1 week of using it!!! do you like crashes? don't even get me started on Window$ crashing! windows users keep updating their version b/c "it's more stable"!!! HOW RETARDED CAN YOU BE? Macs never crash, EVER! Windows has a setting in the computer, that you can't see or do n e thing about, that is a "Crash" option. it is set to "the most inconvenient time, and every 5 min." and you can't make it to where it doesn't crash at all b/c there is too many crap pieces of software running in the background that you don't have a clue what they are, b/c they have googly-gloop names, and if you exit them, than your computer CRASHES as normal, and then it doesn't work b/c the computer is the worst piece of crap that you have ever seen. if you want a computer that works, that you can actually DO SOMETHING on, then GET A MAC! www.apple.com they rock. i recommend the PowerBooks if you can afford them. they are just totally SWEET!!! MICRO$OFT IS THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!THEY ARE SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO GREEDY! AND BILL GATES DOESN'T EVEN DO N E THING EXCEPT TAKE THE CREDIT OF WINDOWS, WHICH ISN'T TAKING CREDIT FOR MUCH, and he makes 50000000000000000000000 times more money than the retarded people that actually make windows, and he just makes them make it to where it crashes. he is such a retarded person. sorry bill, but you are just a butthole with no life except that of being stupid. period.
    Moral to the story: GET YOU A MAC BEFORE YOU ARE SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
    Am i wrong? or am I just mad? I welcome your replies.
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    Oct 23, 2002
    Come on, don't sugar-coat it... How do you really feel?;)
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    Jan 1, 2003
    read other

    before all of you people start getting po'd at me, look at the same post w/ the same subject in the General Mac Discussion area, and post there. not here. thank you, and please read the third post i made on it where i apologize. please. thanks

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