I hate partisanship...

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by blackfox, Jun 23, 2004.

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    Feb 18, 2003
    Although I acknowledge the risk of exposing my naivety, I am so fed up with the polarizing partisan bickering in US politics today, that I had to speak up...

    This is made all the more troubling when put into the context of the present. As I am relatively young, I have really only been politically cognizant since the tail-end of the first Bush Presidency, and so perhaps I have not had the benefit of time to put things in perspective. I remember a huge amount of partisan bickering during the Clinton years, but as annoying, distracting and counter-productive as they were, the country was doing well, and there were no overriding policy decisions that needed immediate attention (at least comparative to the present). Currently we are embroiled in what increasingly amounts to a Cultural War, both in relation to Muslims, and here at home, and the stakes are high.

    With this in mind, It seems that both Republicans and Democrats are more inclined to phrase policy suggestions and criticisms in a constant tit-for-tat manner, as some childish game of one-upmanship. This coming at the expense of any real efforts at solutions to the major problems the US faces abroad and domestically. It has gotten to the point that regardless of the validity of someone's argument in terms of pragmatism, it is either embraced or rejected by Partisan lines, as if the opposing party cannot allow the other to gain credit or accolades from a good idea. This pettyness seems to take precendence over really solving anything...and while this continues on, we the average Americans, are stuck in the middle confused and annoyed (at least myself)...

    I apologize I have not been more eloquent with my point here, that attribute seems to have left me in the past few days, but does anyone get my point, or feel what I am feeling, or have anything to add in terms of expanding my point or of offering solutions?

    To end with a (poor) analogy, I feel like I am trapped in a burning building (along with many others), and out on the street the police and the fire dept. are arguing over who has jurisdiction and command over the other, while they both ignore the fact that the flames are creeping higher and higher on the fire they are supposed to put out and they lives of the people they should be saving are put more and more at risk.

    To be really cyninical, I would add that under the above analogy, we might all burn to death, while the two depts. then argue about whose fault the failure was...

    Christ, since when was politics regarded as operating in a vacuum? Sorry for the rant, but I am at my wit's end...
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    Jul 18, 2002
    i like your building analogy.

    too much of politics was to do w/ "winning", "taking credit", "assigning blame", and "favors". at some point, it should be about serving the constituency.

    i can definitely fault the pubic for not knowing the difference. after all, we're the enablers.
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    Jun 29, 2002
    Republic of Ukistan
    Presumably the politicians have run out of ideas, otherwise they wouldn't have to keep on defining themselves by opposition.
  4. mactastic macrumors 68040


    Apr 24, 2003
    Yeah it sure sucks that you can't have debates without insults and name calling as standard tactics, not to mention lying and obfuscating to distract.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Dec 25, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    I fully understand where you are coming from.

    I am just a "little" older than you. I became politically aware in 1972. So I have seen politics change to a point that i wonder when the madness will end.

    As a centrist that leans towards the left (OK, stop laughing some of you!), I can trace the change in political tone to the Reagan Revolution of the 1980's. Republicans till that point were the also rans. They seized the victory of Reagan and Newt's "Pledge to America" as vindication. They created media assassination squads. They have been able to gather together when it matters most to discrediting the Democrats. This is evidenced by the attacks on Clinton, to bring down his presidency. But also the rallying of the wagons to protect Reagan in the Iran-Contra affair. And the protection of Reagan during what could have been the beginning phases of Alzheimer's.

    Because of the relentless attacks on Clinton, the Republicans created a monster that we may never see go away. Democrats would be derelict in not going after Bush or any other Republican leader that has done wrong to the office. Though in my opinion, the Democrats have not learned the proper way to play the game as the Republicans who wrote that book.

    For things to change, we need a change in the politicians that we elect to office. I hate to say it, but whether you are on the right or left, we are the minority here discussing the issues.

    I have little faith in the majority of the electorate. There are many that vote the party line. I am not one of those. Most I feel are into the evening news sound bite to help make up their minds.

    Because of this mentality, we need serious campaign finance reform. We also need to hold accountable our elected representatives. On many issues recently I have spoken and gotten letters from my representatives (Republicans for the most part). By far the Republicans have answered with that "they don't feel that way". Democrats respond more with "the constituents feel this way on the issue".

    I am afraid that we are becoming a more divided nation as a result. Left verses Right. Christian verses others. Rich verses poor. Urban verses rural. the only way out is for each of us to reach out to the general public and encourage that these others vote. And request that they change the people that created the problem to people that can help the problem.
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    Feb 18, 2003
    Indeed, Chip...

    I feel this is all tied into the abyssmal participation in something called "civics"...it is the fall of Rome all over again...after all, are Monster Truck rallies and "when animals attack" (not to mention reality shows) that much different than throwing Christians to the Lions?

    On the other hand, as represented in part by this forum, some people actually enjoy and are able (I am still trying) to have informative debate about important issues...hope springs eternal.
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    Sep 16, 2003
    Well said blackfox, I feel you completely. However, I can't say that this site hasn't been infected by such rabid partisanship, with many on both sides (including myself, when drinking) acting as agents in the bickering.

    I think we all try to keep a level head, but at some point a low blow was thrown, and it's been gloves off in washington ever since.

    I think the politicians have duped most of us into believing that it is the man, not the accomplishments that we should focus on. Bush I the man, Clinton the man, W the man. It's never about what they accomplished. Sad.

    As citizens of the greatest nation on earth we should revel in our splendor, take comfort in our accomplishments, and realize that our nations main issue (on a citizens level) is OBISIETY for goodness sake. What splendor we enjoy when having too much to eat is a problem!

    However, the power hungry will continue to paint themselves as great men, citing litlle accomplishment, in a sort of narcissitic plan to have a high-school named after them, and people's of the future say "He was a great man".

    Instead, we should say "He accomplished great things and therein lies true greatness. God bless America" :)
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    Mar 23, 2002

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