I have a broken, old computer stand/USB powered fan. Save for the fan?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by oxband, Jun 10, 2015.

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    I had this computer stand that had a fan inside it that was USB powered. The stand broke but the fan still works fine. Is it worth saving for the fan? I'd used SMC FanControl when my computer seemed to be running real hot...but on another thread, I was told that program is kind of superfluous and the computer can get hot but knows to take care of itself. So, is having a fan to put it on something unnecessary? Or will it prolong the life of my computer?
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    I wouldn't worry about it. It's not really an issue unless your computer is full of dust, and then an external fan isn't going to do much to help it anyway.
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    Some notebook coolers are more powerful and have more fans then others, but even the quality ones don't reduce heat by too considerable of an amount. Perhaps 5-8 degrees, or closer to 10 if you're lucky if that in particular key areas of the computer.

    Programs like SMC FanControl are wonderful if used correctly. They are handy for finding a nice medium between cooling and noise. Typically not needed, but can be very useful especially if you preform a large array of tasks with different intensities. These computers handle most, if not all of that well on their own however.

    The cooler itself, I don't think having it will prolong the life of the computer and I also don't think not having it will reduce the lifespan either. I wouldn't hang on to it, at least not use it, as it will probably just exist to create noise when it doesn't need to be cooling in the first place.
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    In general Mac portables don't respond overly well to external coolers, for the typical MacBook Pro to have any realistic effect you need a powered cooler with a capacity of around 100 cubic feet per minute, by far the vast majority on the market don't come close to this number.

    If you are running a 15" MBP especially if an external display is connected, a powered cooler can help to reduce fan noise to reasonable levels, however impact on the systems internal temperature is negligible.


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