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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by nickprete11, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Oct 5, 2012
    Hey everyone! I am desperate for a answer for all these questions. I guess you can say that I am being obsessive, but I like always having the latest model of Apple products. I sold my iPad 3 for the 4, and eventually the 4 for the mini, because I loved the form factor. Eventually I sold the my iPhone 4s for the 5, and so on. I am faced with another dilemma. I have a base MacBook Air 13". Usually the new models come out in June. I plan on upgrading my current MacBook Air to that new model and selling my old model. How much do you think my current model could be worth? I always keep my products in excellent condition and have the box. I also always sell my iPhone for the latest model. I currently have no contract, since I buy most of my phones on eBay. What do you think the best bet for iPhones is? Should I continue to buy unlocked? When do you think I am being a little ridiculous on upgrading? What is your upgrade schedule? Thanks :D
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    Aug 13, 2011
    First of all, your upgrade schedule is yours and since you're funding the upgrades with the sales of your "obsoletes", it doesn't really matter what everyone else thinks. I however, only upgrade when my current machine is not able to perform the tasks that I need it to and I can afford to upgrade. As of right now, I cannot upgrade from my iBook G4 and luckily, it does everything I need it to. <--Yay.

    If your base MBA 13" is the 1.8GHz i5 with 4GB RAM, then look at Apple's refurb price because they have set it at $999. Since yours will most likely not come with AC and will not be in the condition that the refurb would be in, then I would be confident in asking $850-$900 for it as long as you still have the original box/packaging/accessories.

    The iPhone 5 unlocked(since it is the 16GB model) should be reasonably priced at $500. I sold my 4S last month unlocked for $350, so I think my pricing is appropriate for your device. Always buy unlocked. Once I get out of this financial spin of mine, I will NEVER buy a locked phone again.

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