I have been using the unlocked Verizon prepaid Moto E 2nd gen the past week

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    I needed a cheap replacement and have previously used the Moto X and G, this phone is an amazing value. I got it at Wal-Mart for $49 and for my uses I am more than happy. The number one thing of importance for me on a phone is battery life and this thing gets 4+ hours of screen time. It has a micro sd slot and a 4.5" 720p screen. My only complaint about the phone so far is the screen size, it is just a little small. Out of the box it had stock 5.0 and it was prompting me for an update to 5.1. Of you need a cheap phone do not hesitate, thing is a great little phone
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    I bought this too, from best buy when they were doing the 25$ rewards for any cell phone, with a price match from frys at $35. It is a rediculous value (thanks slickdeals -effectively 10 bucks are you kidding me!) I didn't really need it but I'll use it when I don't want to have to worry about breaking my phone. I do believe the screen is sub 720p but I'm not tryi to take anything away from it. Battery life is wonderful.

    Using it on att because Of the gsm unlocked, but missing an att lte band and a T-Mobile lte band

    Moto budget phones are pretty eye opening.
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    I had the Moto G 1st and second gen. A great cheap stock android experience!

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