General I have made a cydia repo. error the index file is courrupt no filename

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    So yeah you can see what my problem is by the title. Basiclely when I add my repo I try to download a cydia package. It's called space potato and I haven't made it, however it isn't on a repo so I thought I'd package it. When I try to download it it says no filename, however, I have put a filename to my debs folder and to the deb file. I've tried putting the filename field on the control and packages file and then just on the packages. It comes up with this error each time! HELP

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    In Packages.gz, you should have added a "Filename:" field.

    For example, in my Cydia repo at , in the Packages.gz file available at (feel free to download / unpack / read it), it's like

    Filename: debs/net.limneos.callrecordermuted_0.4-62_iphoneos-arm.deb

    Nevertheless, this won't suffice - you'll need to configure a lot more fields; most importantly, Size and MD5Sum, in addition to the ones in the Control DEB file. It seems you don't know much about Cydia repo configuration. You should check out my posts / earlier articles here in the forum on developing for JB'n machines - I've posted tons of sources / info on all these.
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    iDeb won't generate the necessary Packages.gz records.

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