I have SM951 SSD part on hand, which converter adapter should I get for my Mac mini 2014


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Oct 26, 2019
I can upgrade it with either Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD or SM951 PCIe card which both are 512gb and keep one for use in my PC desktop workstation. I am not sure if the PCIe card will be compatible with the Sintech adapter for Mac Mini Late 2014 which never arrived with PCIe SSD so it unlikely has the flex cable.

I had no issue to order "Sintech M.2 NGFF NVMe SSD Card for Upgrade Mac Mini Late 2014 Year A1347 MEG Series" 1

but then saw on a this forum another thread somebody purchased external usb3 nvme enclosure and couldn't get mac to recognize it because it was m2 AHCI model.

So does it means it won't work? The alternative I see I could get is "XT-XINTE PCI-E x4 x2 M.2 NGFF M-Key NVME AHCI SSD Converter Card" but it would have to be sourced from China which could take couple weeks to arrive.

Some forums post suggest not to use nvme pcie cards with cheap adapters made in China because they could do damage while other recommend Sintech.

Currently I use SM951 on PCIe on my desktop I use as media server, I was going to repurpose it for mac to speed it up. Will be my SM951 flash drive compatible? If not, then I guess I should then stick to SATA SSD for upgrade? Is getting new NVME drive for upgrade worth over SATA SSD on Mac Mini Late 2014 with 1.6Ghz i5 and 8gb RAM? It seems Samsung EVO 970 512gb goes for $80.
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