I Heart Radio app in LA.... can you get Indie 103.1?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by mdwsta4, Mar 10, 2009.

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    I moved out to LA about 6 months ago and one of the first stations i found was Indie 103.1. Easily one of the best radio stations I've ever heard. Unfortunately, they went off the air the other month and are now only playing music via the internet.
    I don't think this app will allow me to listen to the station, but figured I'd ask. Pretty stupid to only stream music online since the main time I listen to music is in the car.

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    I just searched the radio app that I use ooTunes and it does pull up your station. It plays at 64bits which means that it is available on edge/3G/WiFi. If it ever stops playing, email the Developer and he will check to make sure it is still available or refresh the link.

    Just to make sure I am pulling the right station, is it...KDLD Indie 103.1? The only thing missing in your title was the call sign.

    I sent an email to the Dev to insure it was still legit as it is showing in search but not loading right now. The Developer replied back and had to fix the link....IT NOW WORKS on my iPhone. Hope that helps you out.

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