I jsut REALLY Crashed X, Like, OS 9 Style..


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May 2, 2002
I'm not kidding! No kernel panic or anything like that, just complete system failure. I just downloaded this app called X-ray to zap some pesky files that have been hanging in my trash since forever (It worked by the way, unlike alot of other things) Anyhow, when I was gleaming with joy after a successful delete and ready to have some wine and cheese, BAM, Finder was unresponsive, oh ok, np, Ill just restart it....nope...then iTunes failed, then Fire, and then I simply got to the pale blue screen and the spinning ball of death. I put it to sleep, woke it up...nada, so I just force-restarted it (I ahve a DP 450, so the little triangle on the front) and it booted up just fine, but there goes my 15 day uptime! Besides from this one kernel panic, this is the only crash I've had, wonderful stuff. I'm just posting this because most of the other crashes are kernel panics, and this wasn't, so there you have it :)


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
sounds more like it zapped your system...

have u tried running a disc utility like Norton SystemWorks to see if it can do anything?

but I'm sure AlphaTech will be here soon enough to tell u what u can do...he he he...good luck!


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Sep 18, 2001
Denver, CO
This happens once in a while. I tend to suspect an Aqua bug. It's not like the entire system is dead, and sometimes you're able to ssh in and kill off the right processes, but it's usually easier to reboot. Of course it doesn't much matter if your OS is running like a champ under the hood when your UI won't respond to anything you do.

Eh, it's software. It's gonna have problems. I still hit this stuff a lot less than on Windows.


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May 2, 2002
Nope, haven't tried disk utiliity, but I don't think i need to, everything is going great right now :) To tell you the truth, I am actaully VERY happy, if THIS is the worst I've had so far, I am soooo set. With 9, man, I feared for my system alot of times. It was definately X-Ray, but I'm still going to keep it around, it's a good piece of software and did things that alot of other freeware pieces couldn't, and maybe there just happened to be a blue moon or something...:D


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Dec 29, 2001
I have never crashed OS X yet
the finder has quit but nothing else like that


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Oct 24, 2001
mmmmm I've had some similar problems.
Sometimes apps just fail to work anymore. They just seem to freeze and wont respond to anything anymore.
Very wierd. I tried every disc util. and reinstalling, but no luck so far.
I got a G400 pci (yeah I know),and it's overclocked. (Wich can be the part of the problem, I'm aware of that)
But I won't buy a new G4 or G5 if it ever comes out until the performance is right.


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Jan 17, 2002
New Zealand
i just had my first OS X crash today. standard output (terminal stuff) all over my aqua. nothing was working. i'd just been changing different zoned dvds on my dvd player. all seems fine now after a forced reboot.
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