I just gained almost 200GB in hard drive space, and have no idea why.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MaskedPhantom, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    The strangest thing is happening to me right now and I can't come up with an explanation for this. I had about 20 GB free space on a 1TB hard drive on my MacBook. I went to the App store and downloaded an updated for the official Twitter app. Shortly after I checked my HD space again and found that it had ballooned to 50GB of free space! :eek: I was gobsmacked and could not figure out what could have caused this.

    I decided to restart my computer. Perhaps Finder was glitching and the count was all wrong? Well, when it came back to the desktop after restart I found that I now had 200GB of free space- and still growing, megabyte by megabyte. I can't seem to find any files that could have been mysteriously deleted. Is this somehow related to the Twitter app? I don't see how it could be but that is the only thing that I did out of the ordinary right before I noticed the spike in space. If anyone can offer any explanation it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Download a small utility app named "Grand Perspective".

    It will show you what your largest files are, and give you an idea of how the disk space on your drive is being used.

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