I love MiPhone 5s


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Sep 23, 2017
Hello folks.
It has been many moons since I visited here.

I have an iPhoneX, but it is just too frikin big. LOL. I like my little 5s.

I have the 5s jailbroken on IOS9 and use the TetherMe app a lot, which is the other reason I like it.

Anyway, it has been sluggish of late and I wanted to reset it and re-jailbreak.

I have the old Pangu9_v1.31 files that I believe is for jailbreaking IOS9, but not sure. I actually did not jailbreak this one, just all my previous.

I bought this one jailbroken off e-Bay and it was noted as a Pangu Jailbreak.

Does anyone know if the Pangu9_v1.31 files are for jailbreaking IOS9 or an easy way to do this other than to reset and then re-jailbreak?

I have searched all over for a few days and mostly what I find is someone wanting to sell me something they claim will do it.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Aug 22, 2015
I concur with you, the iPhone 5 has the perfect size for a portable phone. That phone with expanded screen as the iPhone X will be a killer phone. Fits perfectly in the hand and in the pocket.