I love MyWi. Been downloading torrents forever

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by patent10021, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I only have one JB app. MyWi. Fn' brilliant app. If my carrier had tethering I wouldnt be JBing. Carrier wants me to pay for two separate contracts just because I also have an iPad? Freck that. Lots of other carriers in other countries allow tethering on the same unlimited plan. Not here. Never bothered ordering regular net from an ISP at my new apt because I've just been using my MacBook, iPad and ATV2 with MyWi. Been downloading FLAC music and 720P movies too with no issues. Not every day all day but pretty frikkin often. I don't think SoftBank cares much since the only people that are probably using JB phones are a few foreigners here and there. Most people I talk to here except sales staff don't even know what JB is. Probably the best country to use MyWi in since most Japanese conform to the system and don't venture outside of it. Especially when it comes to what would be considered as an illegal geek method that infact isn't illegal but merely out of bounds with respect the contract. Conversely, with no one doing it, it would seem easy to detect a heavy data user such as myself. Maybe they think I'm just watching a crap load of porn vids who knows.

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    ha I remember Softbank... Hated them with a passion.

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