I need a RELIABLE FTP program


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May 5, 2002
San Diego, CA.
Okay, I'm currently "using" Transmit to transfer files to my brothers PC, but it has a tendancy to "unexpectantly" quit on me ever 5 minutes or so. I tried Fetch, but it wouldn't let me select more than one folder on my HD, and drag and drop is non existant. What I need from you folks is help finding a decent ftp client. I've also tried to install Samba or whatever, but that didn't quite pan out. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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Feb 5, 2002
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There's an FTP client called RBrowser, which mimics the Finder's column view interface, with one window for local and another for remote. I prefer the classical 2-pane view myself, but that's just me. I haven't noticed any problems with RBrowser yet, but I haven't used it very much. I'm unfortunately not aware of any "great" OS X FTP clients. Cheers,



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thats a good question.

i looked long andhard for a decent ftp proggie for osx and this is what I ahve found, there isnt anything!
I did manage to get something called Simple FTP, this was the best that I could find and it was very cheap, 15 buckies.
Yet, it is very simple as the name implies but it get the job done.
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