I need some leads to a good archiving application!


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
ok here's my situation...

I have a 10 gig external firewire hd with which I store all of my mp3's & photography...

in my TiBook I have a 30 gig hd partitioned into 10 gig (X) & a 20 gig (9)...

up to this point I've been using the 10 gig external for file storage...but I want to find a tool that will allow me to have an automatic backup of my files from my 10 gig to my 20 gig partition...so I always have a real "backup" of my files...

any suggestions? freeware preferebly...thanks in advance! :p


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Feb 5, 2002
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Re: I need some leads to a good archiving application!

I would have recommended cp -Rp /10gigpartition /whereever/on/the/20/gig/partition/you/want/it/to/go, but then I found out the OS X cp doesn't preserve resource forks!

I say that's a good thing! The less resource forks the better! Come on, everybody! Join my campaign to Kill The Resource Fork!!