I put my hands on imac demo today!!!


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Jan 10, 2002
That's right. I went to the Apple store here in Columbus, Ohio, and much to my surprise, there it was (actually two of them). I had expected (per Apple.com) that they would not arrive until the weekend. Let me be clear, these were two DEMO models--sale units won't arrive until end of January. One salesman told me that meant "the last week in January." Anyway, it's true: they DO look better in person. The dome appears MUCH larger, more solid, more impressive. With the layering and matting Apple applied to the finish, it glows like a small moon. There have been concerns about how durable the swing-arm is. Let me tell you, it's BEEFY. It's a thick slab of polished chrome, and I put it through its paces. The hinges are solid, and quite frankly it's an overkill in terms of keeping that little slip of an LCD aloft. I would suspect that Apple had its own concerns about it wearing out and leading to "monitor-sag," and so they over-designed the thing. Rest assured, upon inspection it inspires confidence. In fact, overall, I've never seen a more solid looking machine. There have been doubts about it being sturdy enough for schools or children in general. Doubt no more--this thing makes the original imac look delicate and effete by comparison. I tried to tip it over (really) to no avail; I felt like I was trying to tackle Emmitt Smith--it's center of gravity is LOW (think half of a bowling ball; think Eric Cartman). I had been curious about the "halo" surrounding the screen, whether it in fact covers the screen. It does not. It would seem that when Ive's referred to the design goal of "violating the sacred plane of the monitor" he did not mean that its face can be touched with impunity, only the "halo" at its periphery. And that brings me to the action and positioning of the swing-arm. It works as claimed and as demonstrated. I was a bit disappointed, however, with the limits to its rotation. This didn't bother me too much when I read the specs, but when I actually put my hands on it I found myself frustrated by what seemed to be the rather arbitrary restrictions on its movement. I tried to rotate the LCD to make its face flush with the ceiling, so that I could look down on it from a standing position. I thought it would be neat to be able to stand and surf. No dice. Its upper limit is about 45 degrees--not bad, but why not more? One more thing: While, as I've said, the swing-arm mechanism is impressively sturdy, there is one small issue. I noticed a little play (2 or 3 degrees) in the linkage between the large arm and the small arm that connects to the LCD, which was noticable when I grabbed the halo with both hands and applied vertical pressure. It felt like a more subtle version of the play in the locked steering wheel of a parked car. I jiggled the LCD on the other demo in the store and, sure enough, it was there in that one too. Perhaps it's intentional, perhaps not. In any case, I couldn't tell that it had any dilatareous effects on the thing's performance. It was noticable only when I performed the "steering wheel" maneuver. All in all, upon inspection I think that the reactions of most will be similair to mine: It's SOLID. I did, however, have fun bringing up the "iboing" movie on one of the demo units. After I finished inspecting it, I loaded the page, cranked the volume, and "Boing! Boing! Boing!"--echoed throughout the store! The salesmen (who hadn't seen it) were so astonished they just left it going for awhile. I think Apple's own new "dancing luxo" imac ad is in the spirit of the "iboing" movie. When is the last time a computer made you laugh? (Ok, the last time I saw a new Dell.)

P. S. Here's my humble tribute (in a spirit both of comedy and sublimnity). You'll have to cut-and-paste the link. It's not clickable.



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Dec 22, 2001
you lucky dog!!!!!

oh I am soooooo jealous!!!!!!
The end of January can't come soon enough.

To think, half a gig of ram, 60 gb hard drive, 800 G4 and a superdrive for around $2000 WITH a flat panel - these things just might sell like hell!!!!!!


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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR

I was hoping that it would seem better in person than in pictures. The iBook is, so I assumed that the iMac would be too, but I wasn't sure. I'm going to have to go find one at a store to play with. It's also nice to know that the arm is quite strong, Apple says it is, but independent reviews are usually more reliable.


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Dec 13, 2001
San Francisco Bay Area
Seeing the new iMac in person

I agree that the iMac is better looking in person than in a picture. I got a chance to see them at Macworld Expo (92 of them!). Very nicely designed and very nicely built. The screen is bright, adjusts very easily, and yea the arm is really solidly built. I was talking with a guy who was checking out it's solidness as he was an elementary school teacher and he seemed pretty darned satisfied.

The whole thing is a LOT heavier than it looks. Many people I saw trying to move the thing to see if it would tip over during normal use. Eyes popped wide open when they realized that at first attempt, it wouldn't budge. Not that it weighs a ton, just a lot more than you would at first think. So, the thing is really solid.

I didn't expect the new keyboard and mouse color, white plastic parts in place of the black plastic of the original, but they look good on the new iMac.

Overall very nice and a really good deal for any of the models. My two computers are less than a year old and it puts them to shame - good for Apple!

Moby 1

I too have seen it brother...

I saw the imac at an Apple Store last night.

You need to see this thing in person before you make any judgments.

It's very difficult to convey the shape in photos. I know. I tried to photograph the all-white Airport Base Station 2.0 and found it impossible to translate into two dimensions.



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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
glad to hear it looks better in person....I knew the look would grow on me the more I got to look at it...

at this point, if I had the money to get a new Mac I'd go for the iMac...:D


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Jan 1, 2002
california, usa
same here, eye, but i have to pay for my pee cee laptop first and by the time that is paid off, there will be a 1 ghz imac on the shelves

i am going to the apple store today and see if the imac demos have come in yet

still waiting

btw - congrats on your 6502 god status


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Jan 6, 2002

To continue on what everyone's said... not only does the iMac LOOK study, it's really solid... try picking one up, it's actually heavier than I thought it would be. I would say it isn't too much lighter than an old iMac...


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Nov 3, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Originally posted by networkman
same here, eye, but i have to pay for my pee cee laptop first and by the time that is paid off, there will be a 1 ghz imac on the shelves
I'm in the same boat... I have to finish paying off my Titanium and my Quicksilver before I can even consider another computer. In some respects I think this will be a good thing, since it will be at least the end of summer before that happens. At that point I can (hopefully) choose between a new tower and a new iMac. The only PCI card I have in the tower is a SCSI card to run my DLT library, and since I do backups across the network, I only need that in one machine. It will be quite a decision to make!

More on topic, does anyone know if ALL the Apple Stores have the new demo machines? I have to drive 2-3 hours in any of 3 directions (Columbus OH, Cincinnati, OH or Chicago, IL) to get to an Apple Store, and would hate to pick the one that doesn't have any demo machines.


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New thing in new Macs

In all the Macs since I think the Powerbook G4, by pressing the power button for about 7 seconds, it force-quits the computer. Then you just have to press it again to start it. Its the same thing as the reset button.

BTW, I think they did this cause they're so confident that OS X won't crash... now that OS X is default... they know that you would only have to reset it so unoften that it wouldnt be a pain to keep the button pressed for so long...

ya. :p