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Feb 6, 2011
As we all know, one of biggest feature on iOS 5.xx is Notification Center. Apart from it being ripped off Android OS, I love the way it is integrated and can be easily reached from anywhere (home screen or in app).

Swiping down on top of the screen is just nice and neat. But I'm thinking now, why not create MultiTasking similar to this?

Rather than double tap home button, why not unifying it into Notification Centre? .. well just change the name to make it more relevant.
I also imagine, how if I swipe up from screen bottom to enter MultiTasking mode? Making it different from Notification? Well that's practically doable and better solution, but bottom screen usually much busier than the top .. more buttons, texts and all, right? We could accidentally activate Multitasking when you actually just want to press a button.

With this method .. I think we can use home button for much less, making it more durable and all. We can switch between app much faster and easier without requiring physical tap.
In short "Just press home button when you really need to go home" :D

What do you think? Would you like Multitasking easily reachable like Notification Center? Or do you still prefer double tap home button to call it?


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Sep 16, 2008
Del Mar, CA
Things that people wish were part of iOS, jailbreaking actually makes it happen. I'm soo glad a jailbreak was released. I was soo close to purchasing a Nexus. :eek:
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