I saw it coming AT&T, unlimited becomes limited

Discussion in 'iPad' started by kirchnrd, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Jun 15, 2009
    I posted the below on April 15th. Unless I keep nonstop unlimited, a renewal will be limited data usage. My decision to get 3G was based on AT&T's letter that "unlimited means unlimited" announcement. Liars. I kept the wifi only to see what happens, and sure enough AT&T did their best to keep worst business ever title. Glad I kept the wifi because the 3G lost it's benefit to me.


    Putting faith in AT&T...
    I have a WiFi iPad, and LOVE IT. My internet at home, well, sucks. I have great 3G coverage at home, with good download speeds. So, I preordered a 3G iPad today. I hope AT&T sticks with the "unlimited is unlimited" data statement they made.

    Will the Apple Store take back my WiFi model? I am OK with a small restocking fee if they will. Or, is eBay the right move to make to recoop some of the money from my WiFi iPad?
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    Apr 15, 2010
    Many of us called this back in April when there was a lot of discussion over whether or not "unlimited" really meant "unlimited" this time.

    "Unlimited wireless data" is rapidly becoming extinct. Even all those poor fools who are hoping to jump to Sprint for it have neglected to read the fine print that Sprint reserves the right to throttle your speed or total bandwidth limits at any time, while simultaneously capping your 3G consumption to 5Gigs/month, and making only the 4G consumption "UNlimited" for now.

    This too, I'm certain, will die. And soon. Poor Sprint can barely hang onto their customers these days so they'll promise anything to get people on contract, only to change things later.

    Wireless plans are all about change. That is the only certainty left.

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