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iPhone 7(+) I still think iPhone 7 Jet Black is THE most beautiful iPhone ever made by Apple


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May 12, 2020
Paris, France
I don't know how it is in the US/UK but in France, almost everyone with flagship phone has at least a case or a screen protector and having both is frequent too


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Sep 30, 2018
I got the same colour as that of missus which is white when getting iPhX. I totally hate that white and silver look but the case help sort out the issue.

The idea of phone colour tripping me. For this upcoming, I will be looking at Navy blue but how can I see that every day without case. There are transparent cases but the sensation of those plasticky case cover are totally out of character.

May be, I still have not find the right brand of phone case.

I don't know how it is in the US/UK but in France, almost everyone with flagship phone has at least a case or a screen protector and having both is frequent too


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May 12, 2020
Paris, France
Then it doesn't matter what color or finish the phone is.
True if people were rational. But in real life, most people are influenced a lot by emotional things when purchasing a product. And Apple plays around it by giving exclusive colors/finishes or news one each year to increase purchases intentions.

Personnaly I'm a rational type of person when it comes to purchase stuff but I know that a lot of people are lot more influenced by design / look / marketing stuff even if it's completly usless in practice because hidden in a case. They buy in some way an experience to be happy at the unboxing rather than just the product.


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Feb 11, 2020
Not sure if you are joking. But having a space gray 6s myself and coming from HTC One m7, I really tried to hide those ugly antenna lines. But I don't regret buying it, it is running better than ever (except ios 14 + covid-19 is draining battery). Transparancy of my cover has reduced with time, so it doesn't really matter anymore. But getting rid of those ugly lines, was the only thing I really envyed on iphone 7. And I still prefer metal over glas, so 7 is the sweetspot of the ip6 - 2020 SE design in my mind.
I wasn't joking. :) I've always liked the style and especially that color on the metal body. The antenna lines never bothered me, but I see how it could be an annoyance to some. I have a 6S Plus in silver and love it's sleek looks but always regretted that it wasn't space gray. It's still in use for a music collection. My 8 Plus in space gray, while nice in the direct sunlight, is too dark most of the time and may as well be black.


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Apr 3, 2010
iPhone 4 all the way. I remember studying the beauty of that thing. The buttons, the edges... one of the first phones not made from plastic.

Release an updated iPhone 4, edge-to-edge display, Touch ID in the power button, jet black, no lightning port... I’d be all over that


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May 2, 2015
5s is still the best. Imagine a Jet Black 5s.

Yes i still have 5s in gold but it has 4.0 inch display & i want little bigger than that. Imagine a dark gray iphone 12 mini with space black stainless steel frames, chamfered to make a uniform mirror-like edges, holding an endless edge to edge display. Wake up 😁
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Aug 2, 2009
The jet black iPhone 7 plus was stunning. Hard to believe it’s aluminum like the other colors. I now have 2 of them. However there’s a reason why that color was discontinued first lol. Those micro scratches. I’d still buy it over the Matt black one though.


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Sep 14, 2016
It is a nice classy phone and stands out from the rest of the 7s but sadly it marks to easily mine is covered in surface marks all over the back!

im packing it off to a mobile selling this next week cos got the 12 in blue now I just hope it’s not devalued cos of them 🤦🏻‍♀️


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Feb 14, 2013
Atlanta Ga
I must admit that I am deeply regretted that I opted for mat Black iPhone 7 4 years ago. However, I just got a like new iPhone 7 Jet Black 128GB from eBay.

I must say, Jet Black iPhone 7 is THE most beautiful iPhone ever designed by Apple. The front glass met the back cover so nicely. It is true uniform design.

I cannot stress enough how much I love this design. I think nothing comes close to Jet Black iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 still performs beautifully with iOS 14. I am retiring my iPhone 11 due to mandatory mask law. I am using 2020 iPhone SE and the Jet Black iPhone 7 as my daily driver.

I love iPhone 7. Hopefully this phone will get support for next few years.

This was the hardest iPhone for me to give up. I loved the phone for the pure fact that is looked amazing. Same reason I love my Apple Watch Space back series 4. Those have been the most incredible 2 colors Apple has ever made. Wish they would do it again. I don’t care about finger prints, I can wipe those off.
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