i stuck!! -after use of COCTAIL tweater i am hanging with..


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Jul 27, 2005
amsterdam - nl
yea..it looks like boot screen...
i was chnging to single user mode in tweak aplication COCTAIL..it sad, to reboot mac in order to take a change ...en now i have this screen .. i newer used commands on mac, so i stuck in half of my work ..(tweating supposed to be a relaxing do-somethin-else-for-a-change)
i retype last lines:

if you want to make modifications to files:
/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mount -uw /

if you wish to boot the system, but stay in single user mode:
sh /etc/rc

-the only thing i wish, is to get out of here, with or without single user mode - i dont give a d... about it!!!
-does anybody knows what i have to type in to just get it to run again???


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Mar 4, 2005
.. London ..
Er, I hate to be captain obvious, but have you tried just turning it off and rebooting again?

I seem to recall that you can type in 'exit' or 'reboot' (without the quotes) to exit single-user mode.

What were you doing in there anyway? I have Cocktail, and it doesn't require you to be in single user mode - I run it through the GUI like any other program.

Single-user mode is only used for sorting out really serious problems.

If you keep rebooting into single user mode, try booting from the Apple OSX install disks (hold down 'c' when booting) and run Disk Utility repair permissions.


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Jul 27, 2005
amsterdam - nl
hi there!
i post this problem around the globe in few forums..the answer came from my local grounds...and te answer was:
mount -uw / (return)
exit (return)
then reinstaling cocktail & reversing this setting..
3 restarts for sure..en it runs again ok....
i have try a lots in between, all sugested options, went thru all mac os x help bij apple...dvd setup disc was not starting (with C, i tried with V with S with shift, hard, forced, fsck -f, en many more..there was also this mount -uw line, but within others...
anyway..i am pritty ready to crash for tonight..tomorrow just further with my works...
thanks everybody!!
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