i suck at mac stuff ppc g4 tower claen 10.3.9 cant find internet software that works

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by brenten, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. brenten macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2009
    hello, my name is brenten.
    im a new mac user, my uncle paul died and i ended up with a ppc g4 tower 3.3
    i cleanly installed 10.3.9.... the ppc doesnt have internet but i have a windows ultimate on an acer labtop, to surf. i transfer stuff via my lexar 1 gig flash.
    i have a book on 10.3.9 and it says all this stuff about hacking the graphics
    with candybar and graphics converter.. and photo shop yada yada..
    but when i download programs virtually none of them work so far the only one that has was candybar 2.6.1. so Ive figured out that it must be the os not being able to run upgraded software. past 10.3 whatevers limit... ive tried to work around this by finding appropriate software but even the apps that say "minimum 10.3.9" don't run they open then immediately close or don't respond.
    what i would like to do is get my xbox usb controller working.but all the drivers Ive tried to install say error couldn't load controllers.Also hack all the graphics and sounds like icons and alert noises to be final fantasy 7 related.
    and any cool freeware games that aren't internet based involving rpg or real time strat would be ideal. if anyone could help me out, i really like mac now alot better than windows i think, i just cant do anything with this computer.
    Im going on week 4 of trying and candy bar and emulators is as far as i got please help.

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