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    my first computer was a commodore 64 to play all the great games. a few years later (i was about 10 years old) my father bought an intel 66 MHz. i was fascinated by the drawing program that was included. i played hours on it to redraw my sketches from paper to the screen.

    i still played a lot of games but the good games were always on a console so i forgot the computer a long time :cool: . nes, snes, playstation, n64, dreamcast and playstation2 played my games.

    i never came back to the pc to play games because it was more comfortable with a console but i came back for graphics and design.

    when i was about 13 i touched my first apple computer. it was this all in one computer with a gameboy like screen. again i loved the drawing program and we had a lot of fun for 2 years. then i made the college. meanwhile we bought a new computer. it was a 450 mhz pentium II. it was incredible fast and windows 95 was just a revolution to me :)

    after the for years of college i decided to realize what i always wanted to do. i was always good in design and drawing and so i began an art and multimedia school.

    the school lessons are art (drawing, painting, colour, modelling, photography etc) and history of art and design (typography, print etc) but also other medias are important: print, video, animation, internet and 3d. so there i was with all this art lessons. learning about how an image is constructed, what is the dramatic construction, how to write a synopsys, angles, pencils, colours, material, artists. i feel like in heaven. all is about art and your ideas.

    in this school i touched my second mac. i was always aware of those apple machines because i never understood what was so special about them but everybody said they were special and very different from a pc. i assosiated 'special' to 'not compatible with a pc' but our great IT teacher (if you want to make graphics on a computer you have to know your computer) told us the whole story: during my first year i began to appreciate the mac. all was there what i needed and our teacher showed us a lot of things and many times i had to say: "hey, this is really more simple than on my pc!".

    in second year we switched from mac os 9 to X and we got brand new dual 1ghz g4 (we had beige g3s before). life was getting even more easy: i could plug in my camcorder. import it to finalcut. connect my digitalcamera. test some php locally. connect to networks. set up the printers etc. you may say that is nothing special and i could do all this on a pc but for me it was unbelievable that all this worked without spending time on configuring! the 'digital hub' was really a promise that apple could hold!

    after years of experience on a pc i knew exactly how long it would take to configuring this and troubleshot that. i always hated software and hardware on pc because nothing worked from the begining - always the same thing: those guys make products that are supposed to work without a problem but i always bought not 100% working products. where is that plug'n'play?

    on my mac everything worked and during the second year i made every work on the mac in school and my pc at home remained just for internet surfing. :cool:

    then i heard about the g5 coming soon and it was time to get this 450mhz pII out of the house and switch to a working machine. and on the 12 july i ordered my dual g5 2ghz. so i'm on the switch until 2 september when it will arrive (i hope).

    if i didn't begin to try things on a mac i would have never discovered all the advantages of the mac. it is really important that the macs in the stores are there to be used an. there must be a big presence o f macs in everystore because people get in touch with a mac. they begin to see the advantages and good store seller can convince them even more to buy a mac.

    sometimes some riends come by my school and the first tme they saw os x they just said: wow, what is that thing? and i answered: well, this is a mac. look good because this is how a computer should work!
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    Ergo the true business reason behind the Apple Retail Stores. Presentation without a price.

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