I think i led my friend astray (zune sucks)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Natesac, Oct 6, 2008.

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    May 29, 2008
    So my buddy came to me with the question. "Should I get a Zune or an Ipod classic?"

    Knowing he was a windows guy (as am I) I figured he might be more open to the zune, and the fact that zune has a few more features (wifi sync/tuner)

    long story short I told him to get the zune. I kinda wanted him to get it so i could run it through its paces as I have never touched one.

    I feel like I made a huge mistake...........

    I am not an apple fanboy by any means. I have had a few ipods and now have an iphone 3g. But all my computers are windows xp.

    here is the problem. We got the zune home and unboxed it (looked nice but ehhh i like the solid feel of latemodel ipods).

    Damn thing wouldnt charge. not at all.

    So we take it back and get a black one. get it home and hook it up (It Charges!!!)

    We load up the zune software and here is where the real garbage begins!

    This stuff sucks, I mean really sucks. It maxes out the Cpu on his computer trying to sync 40 gigs of music. It crashed his computer several times trying to sync but no go. it was not happening.

    So we transfer all his music to my laptop and load up the zune software on that. And what do ya know? It maxes out my cpu as well. And mine has twice the power of my buddie's. Mine was able to stay running and was able to sync the 40 gigs, but damn. Itunes is sooooooooooo much better. I have never had a problem with an Iphone or Ipod choking my system during a sync.

    I browsed some zune forums (lol) and found that others were having the same issue.

    so a Zune is a pretty cool music player. but the software is almost useless and required, much like itunes to an Ipod.

    I screwed up. I should have pushed the Ipod classic.

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