I think it's a fake

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by animefan_1, Jul 21, 2002.

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    The one reason I think this "new" PowerMac design is a fake is a very simple one. The Hard Drives are mounted vertically. If you watched the MacWorld Keynote @ SF in January, Steve said that if drives are put on their sides, the speed has to be reduced. I know that Apple WOULD NOT put a lower performance hard drive in their PRO system. Another thing is the external casing. When can you honestly say that you remember Apple releasing a Tower design where the tower didn't match fully. Also, white on a pro system seems very unlikely to me. If you realize, The iMac G4, eMac, iBook, and most recently, the iMac G3 are ALL white. Whereas the PowerMac, PowerBook, and Xserve all have a Graphite-type color. I would like the specs that this system promises (although I would prefer DDR-Ram instead of SD-Ram), and I expect it to come soon. But the tower design itself is VERY unlikely, at least in my mind.
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    you obviously didn't read the other thread(s) that this is discussed in.

    We've established that the creator of this PDF has indicated the case is, in fact, gray like the Quicksilver.

    We've also established (and kicked to death) that the SDRAM could in fact mean DDR SDRAM.

    Good point about the hard drives, though ;)

    Post further comments here:

    or here, if you like:

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    he might have hit new thread instead of post reply, it happens every once in a while. Let me know and I'll merge the threads...

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    Re: I think it's a fake

    When Steve said that drive when vertical had to be really slowed down, he was referring to optical drives ie DVD/CD-ROMs. There is no way of slowing a hard drive down they run at their build speed ie 7200/10000rpm now matter what way placed.

    However I do think this is not the case design we’re gonna be seeing in August cos if it were the real deal Apple would have had it taken down by now. This must be one of the prototypes.

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