I thought "K" serial signified a refurb?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sosinsurr, Oct 15, 2012.

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    That's what I always told. Does that not stay the same for the 5? My original 5 has a "K" in the serial number, so it just got me curious.
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    That's just a vicious rumour started by the letter 'Q' .

    My understanding is that iPhones sold as new have a 'MD###’ model number while iPhones that are used as replacements have a 'ND###’ model number. Replacement does not necessarily mean refurb. A certain portion of new production is set aside to be used as replacement phones at least until there is a sufficient supply of refurbs. This early in the 5 life I doubt you have a refurb.
    Not sure if the SN enters into it. I've seen threads that claimed 'K' in the SN means refurb and others that '5' in the SN means refurb. Most of these threads were for the 3G and 3GS so even if it was true at the time it may not be true any longer.

    There is an argument that a refurb is a potentially more reliable phone. First the battery and all the external parts are replaced with new so the only reused parts are the internals. The potential reliability is that all refurb phones are extensively tested whereas only a limited sample from he production of new phones are similarly tested.
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    Yep. K is a dirty refurb.

    Sorry to tell you.

    Now that your life is pretty much over, I would suggest donating it to goodwill, as maybe the homeless could find use for such a horrible retread of a phone. It's useless to the rest of society now thanks to that K...
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    Isn't the significance just what factory it was made at?

    iPhone 5, some are F2L others F17, etc
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