I took Apple survey for order and ship process of my rMB Hey, they asked!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ct1211, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Survey Question: Were there any problems / Issues or concerns with ordering and receiving your new Apple product:

    Well, since you asked, I will be honest!

    Apple was very indecisive to the point of being misleading as to when people could expect to actually purchase the new Macbook. ( I could be wrong, maybe I got up in the excitement)

    I feel that possibly Apples marketing and "retail experience" is going in a very poor direction with apparent leadership from your new head of retail Angela Ahrendts. I understand Apples desire to go ultra high end with their new direction of positioning the brand as a provider of ultra high margin luxury items but I also feel that Apple is getting away from its roots of providing well made consumer technology electronic goods without a lot of fuss. Lets talk about the buying experience and retail basics.

    You see it was your company that decided to be in the retail business with your very own stores to begin with remember Tim?

    So, having all of these great retail stores staffed to the rafters with Genius, it stands to reason when you announce a "launch date" and an "available on" date, you make sure to have a reasonable amount of inventory available of your new, highly anticipated product(s) in each store in the announced launch countries. Sort of "Duh" moment I would think right? Instead you got all fussy and confusing on us Tim! Was it the Burberry woman? Tim, I don't shop at Burberry but I wonder, when Angela introduced a new hat or man purse did she get people all worked up and let them come in the store only to find no hats?

    I ask because you have Angela Ahrendts, your luxury goods Genius release a statement a few days before launch (probably given from her personal hot tub filled with champaign - based on her reported 45 million per year salary) that there will be no product available on launch day!

    Basically she tells the public "come on in and feel our stuff, if you like what you touch and see great! Just don't bother the staff! No, you go home and order what you want online and we'll give you an ambiguous date as to when you might expect it to arrive. Don't worry, we will seriously under promise, so that we can seriously over deliver. You just won't know when you Cretans! Oh, and for you folks with a job on the east coast - yea, you can go ahead and get your ass up at 3am to place an order on a date we decide. Then wait...

    So, my guess is that either the supply chain had serious issues causing unforeseen product shipment delays, thus resulting in that last minute notice that nothing would be available to buy on launch date so don't wait in line. I don't have a problem with this, just delay the shipment. Tell us the builder elves had the flue


    Or, you decided to see how much abuse the public would take whilst picking up a few more points in profit margin by not first shipping goods to distribution centers, than to stores - You just shipped out direct from the back door of the factories. I don't have a problem with this, but own it!

    You made many of the Apple faithful unhappy with the rMB launch and (I think) the launch of your iWatch or whatever its called.

    All I can say about this last launch was, I would have been happy to do for you what Angela Ahrendts did for just $5,000,000!

    Think about that Tim! $45,000,000 might have been enough to (for once) give us consumers what we really wanted - A Freaking high resolution screen within the frame of the 13" Macbook Air, but with a thin border display upping the screen size to 14" a MagSafe connector, two USB-C in place of those two soon to be worthless DisplayPort's and retained closer to 10 hours of battery life! I would have been delighted to have something just a little bigger than the rMB that, for some reason wants to do a backflip and drop off my lap every time I hit the enter key a little HARD on this really slick sorta iPaddy meets Kensington Keyboard like computer I have been trying to like the last three days! I never thought I would see the day when I would buy a computer that was somehow just a little too small or too light for my taste.

    Sorry for the rant Tim, as I said, I try to keep up with all things Apple so I could have mistaken the available date for being available! Thanks for your time!

    P.S. I would have done all this fancy, crazy mixed up new look now, buy later - in your own damn house touch go home and order all for lets say 2,500,000!

    With the extra 2,500,000 maybe luxury woman Angela Ahrendts could have had some of the absolutely necessary $80.00 Dongles available three weeks AFTER the unavailable, available date! This way I could take this thing on the road, do a presentation on a clients projector etc. I figure the $80 Dongles are costing you about $3.75 to make which would have allowed you to make 666,666 of them, without dipping into petty cash!!

    Rock on Tim!

    Apple Survey Question: What problem did you encounter picking up your new purchase?

    Well, since you asked, when I picked up my new rMB computer I needed a USB-C Dongle to, you know use the computer with what I own today, not what you decided to show me will be my "future" - The Genius man at the store had no clue what I was talking about so I asked him to join me on a walk over to the accessories for a look. Well, i can't blame my Genius for not knowing what i was talking about because I looked for myself and you did not have any sort of USB-C adaptors that would allow me to lets say go to one of my clients for a presentation and use there VGA or HDMI cable from their projector. Or, hey maybe do a restore from my portable HD containing my time machine info. Yea turn out I aint ready for the future.

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    i had worse experience dealing with Apple, an incident where they broke my laptop screen and then refuse to fix it stating the screen was broken. (the original report stated no screen damage)

    I wrote back a similar notes, and nothing was fixed...

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