i two iphone 5s! now what?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by inkjs, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. inkjs macrumors newbie

    Sep 26, 2012
    hi everyone,

    so, i ordered a 32 gb black iphone 5 on apple.com a few hours after the phones went on sale. with an expected arrival date of oct. 5, i decided to try my luck last week at an at&t store. there was virtually no line, and half an hour later, i walked out with a 32 gb white model. i'd had my mind set on a black, though, so i was pretty disappointed (and the at&t rep didn't tell me that the store only had white models in store until AFTER she said she canceled my pre-order). the next day, though, i got an email from apple saying that my pre-ordered phone had shipped. i received it today.

    SO...my questions: does anyone know how easy it is to return a phone bought at the store, deactivate it, and then activate the new one? i can't decide whether it's worth the trouble. on the other hand, i have a colleague who really needs a new phone and so i'm wondering whether i can sell him my pre-ordered one (and keep my white one that's already activated) and have him activate it? or is the phone already linked to my account? i know i can call apple or at&t and ask these questions, but i forum members are way smarter and faster...

    what would you do?
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    The apple phone is pre-linked to your account. The one you bought in store is activated on your account. Given you canceled your pre-order, I bet you paid the subsidized price for the in store model.

    Pretty easy to return the phone and activate the other. I bet simply activating the black one will deactivate the white one.

    Are you okay paying $550 more for the black one? Since both are on your account, that's probably what will happen if you don't return it. If you sell it to your friend, make sure you charge the full $750!

    From a moral standpoint, the options are clear. From a legal standpoint, I dunno. You'd have to look at the contract terms for the phone and I'm sure it says somewhere that you must pay full price if they screw up and give you a second phone by accident. If it doesn't you may as well activate the second one and call it a day since you accepted a 2-year contract for each phone, even if they were just a few days apart!

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