I use a mac as my workstation and want to build a gaming pc...how do I set this up?


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May 1, 2008
Currently, my setup is a MBP running snow leopard hooked up to a 24" monitor and a desktop mouse and keyboard. I want to build a windows 7 gaming pc, but I wouldn't be able to tolerate using windows 7 for work.

I need help figuring out the logistics of this set up if I were to build a gaming pc. How do I easily switch between using my gaming pc and mac workstation?

Here are some possibilities I've considered:

1) Hackintosh. This would allow me to use my desktop's power in both windows and osx. That said, it seems like a major pain in the ass to install and maintain (as new snow leopard updates come out).

2) KVM switch. I'd have everything hooked up to a kvm and switch between machines when gaming or working. I'm a little wary of quality though...

3) Dual boot ubuntu and windows 7 on the desktop and use the mbp strictly as a laptop. I'd be able to do my work in ubuntu (unlike windows 7), but I'd prefer osx.

4) Manually plug the monitor/kb/mouse/speakers into the mbp when I work, then back to the desktop when I game.

I'm sure some of you have dealt with similar situations. What would you recommend?
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