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I use some website callled Outlook Web App at work to check work email.can I use push


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Feb 25, 2012
Wirelessly posted

I'd like I be able to check my email on my phone so I will have immediate access to anything important. Not to mention I often forget to check on a daily basis

The site is something we have on our desktop and it takes us to a site were we enter our log in


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Feb 26, 2011
I have the same and managed to set up an exchange account on the iphone using the web address of the webmail as the Server.

E.g. when creating the exchange account I used as the server. You can try it replacing the above with whatever address you use to acess webmail.

Note: it might not work as the IT department may have locked access down, but you can but try.


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Mar 12, 2012
It's Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft's main foray into enterprise email. As long as your IT department allows ActiveSync access for mobile devices (and Autodiscover is set up properly), you should be able to just add a new Mail account on your phone, choose Microsoft Exchange, then enter your email address, password, and possibly your logon domain, and tap next.

If everything is set up right, you should have the options to sync your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks (via the Reminders app), but you can turn any of these off if you'd like. If you have problems, call your IT department, they might have to give you some specific mail servers settings that you'll need to enter manually.


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Nov 29, 2011
Boston, MA
First and foremost, make sure your company is ok with you getting mail pushed. My fiance is manager at Best Buy and I looked up how to set it up. Remarkably, a Google search gave me all the information I needed. unfortunately, it is against company policy, even though their system requires you to have a pin lock on your phone (this is a pop-up that came up on the phone itself when all the login credentials were entered).
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