I want an XS after having played with new iPad‘s camera!!


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Nov 15, 2012
Screw you Apple, I was perfectly fine and happy with my iPhone X until today when I got to shoot some side by side pictures with my X and the new iPad... and ARGH! :D I know I know it was in all the reviews, but having tried it out four yourself and being able to directly compare in your own environment... That camera is SO much better, the dynamic range, and how it handles noise, Jesus, and it doesn’t even have OIS on board...
Also really digging the adjustable depth effect. I know Focos app did it for a long time even on iPhone 7, which makes this a bit of a dick move by apple, but I think their implementation works somehow different, as it even stutters a bit on these beastly machines, so I honestly believe it‘s not JUST pure marketing on their side.
It‘s just really convenient to have this ability inside the native camera app.

Sigh. I guess I‘ll survive and just be happy with that new iPad, knowing that next year‘s iPhone will have an even nicer camera, but kudos to Apple for this huge step forward, for the first time it begins to feel actually comparable to low end point and shoot cameras.
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