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Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 21, 2004.

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    This seems highly unlikely that it is possible under current compression technologies for full length movies. But, music videos, maybe, at full quality a 4:25 minute long video is about 1 gigabtye. A normal song on iTMS is about 3.5 megs, and takes about 3 seconds to download. So this means it is a little over a meg a second, now if you were to dl a gigabyte musiv vid of "iFilms Music Video Store" that would mean that it could be as little as about 13 minutes.

    Of course, I doubt they would make any money off of this because the price to have those servers and everything they do to make it so fast, you outwiegh the amount they would probably sell the music vids for.
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    I would happily pay $2.49 to download my favourite music video to my Mac. Especially if it was full site. Watching a music video is a completely different experience to just listening to a song. It's much more involved.

    Also, if they were in widescreen format too that would be cool (just like Sarah McLachlan's 'Fallen' video on iTMS.
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    Not even close. Music video DVDs tend to be 80-160 MB per video, depending on encoding, so with today's codecs you could make them even smaller. The videos that Apple hosts now are around 50 MB each.
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    Heres what I posted as a comment on that site...

    I have to say I have been liking this idea a lot lately. I downloaded “iGetMovies” about 2 days ago. This little app lets you download music videos from iTMS! Its freaken awesome. It just says to load the video completely in iTMS and then you hit this little “Gotcha!” button in the iGetMovies window and it transfers the video to your desktop. I was laying awake this morning and was thinking the same thing.. that they could easily sell music video’s for $2 - $2.50 each.

    I have to say.. after my 2 days of downloading a couple different music video’s (4 in all) its already contributed to one artist. I was looking through the video’s and found a new song by Rammstein titled “Amerika”.. so I watched it.. and loved the song .. and the video, so I downloaded the video and watched it a couple more times and thought.. what the heck.. good song. So I bought the song on iTMS.

    Apple should definately have plans for this sort of stuff.

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