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    Hi everybody!

    I’d like to present you an app for kids compatible with iPhone and iPad developed by fantastoonic.
    It’s an interactive picture book in verse for kids called I Want to Be a Tiger. It is specially created for the sweet little ones with the huge fantasy and an extreme desire once to grow up. It is the first in the series of When I grow up I want to be... interactive picture books in verse.

    Recommended ages: 1-3, 4-7.

    I Want to Be a Tiger is a cute rhymed story about a little boy who wants to be a tiger when he grows up. He dresses up in a tiger costume, dreams aloud and shares with kids his deepest desire – to be a tiger, a huge, courageous and free animal who can do everything it wants as to play basketball with sloth bears, play hide and seek with rhinos, have fun and sleep in jungles and much more!

    The application is very simple. It consists of a home page with three modes (Read and Play, Read to me and Read it myself) and a page-navigation. Each page has interactive elements so it will be great fun for children to follow this story.

    Read to me (auto play) mode is ideal for a goodnight story. It is read by a pleasant female voice, the pages turn over automatically.
    Read it myself mode is great for those children who have already learned to read. It is without narration; children can read and turn the pages by themselves.
    Read and Play mode allows your children listen to this beautiful story and play with interactive elements earning achievements and getting points in Game Center.

    Watch the video of I Want to Be a Tiger app at YouTube

    Buy it at the App Store

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