I want to publish a book to iBooks...but...

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    I want to publish my book about the History of apple products (I have gotten info of every single apple product like why, when, and how, it was produced, and I want to put it on iBooks. But I herd that Apple makes you have some weird Taz thing from the IRS, and you been a IBSN... and those cost like $100 something dollars. are there anyways or any companies that you can send your book into, and they will publish for you, and they just get a percentage?

    Thank you so much!!
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    I hope your book is better written and filled with more information than your posts indicate.
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    If you plan on selling your book- rather, if anyone will buy your book- you will be required to file the proper tax forms under US law. You will also be required to obtain an ISBN and pay any licensing fees inherent in that process.

    Any "company" such as you describe will force you to do the exact same thing.
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    Well, I know for certain that you don't have any of these problems when you publish on Amazon's Kindle store. I currently have four (German) books in the Kindle store, and it's been almost trivial to publish them there.
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    I hate to sound like a grammar nazi because, if you saw any of my posts you'll notice how poor I am in that department. With that said, when someone who states he's an author and has question regarding publishing specifics, but composes their query with spelling errors (herd, Taz), capitalization errors (History, apple), punctuation problems, I'm left wondering about the quality of the book.

    One question I have; does your book contain images? That is when writing about the original Macintosh 128k, do you have pictures or is your book just articles about apple products. How will you differentiate it from wikipedia that has a seemingly vast collection of articles concerning apple products?

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