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iPhone 12 I wasn’t going to upgrade...but now my iPhone 12 is in transit


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Jul 11, 2017
So I was going to once again skip upgrading. I still have an XR in great condition that I really had no reason to upgrade. I got it a couple months after release date in 2018 I believe. Still owe $133 on it over the next 5 months.

Then, I was reading this forum over the weekend and saw the thread about AT&T offering a free 12,with trade in. In the past I have always found that I was better off to sell my old phones myself or pass them down to my wife. She’s still happy with her 7 plus, so since AT&T wants to give me $800 for a phone that would sell for about $350 on eBay and my $133 balance is being forgiven, this trade in deal looks really good.

I’m in Alaska. Last night(Sunday) I hopped on the AT&T website around 1030 pm and had my order in by 1045. Initial order confirmation said I’d receive my 128gb Pacific a lie iPhone 12 between 10/30 and 11/3. By noon today I had an email with tracking number saying it will arrive tomorrow by 430 pm. It is coming
From York, PA. It is now in Memphis, TN. I expect it will land in anchorage tomorrow morning about the time I wake up in the morning.

I can’t wait!!
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