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    Oct 17, 2011
    One of famous social app called iAround is quietly on the rise in smart phone application, which users have been up 200.000 since the line on the net. This software not only supports multi-platform such as iPhone、Android、Symbian、iPad, also has multi-language version like English、simplified Chinese、traditional Chinese. You will be able to build the friendship in the social network around the world by using iAround no matter which kind of smart phone you are using. It also supports the text massage, photo sharing, audio sharing, video sharing, location sharing, commonly use phrase and various emoticons which enable users to communicate easier and have more fun. This is the best way to chat with people around you and start to build new relationship. iAround 1.0 version is currently available in APP Store and Android Market, and 1.1 version is private beta testing. iTune URL:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iaround-chat-with-people-nearby/id468944728?mt=8

    People nearly, clear at a glance
    In our live, we have always unknowingly brushed past people near us. But now iAround’s stirring function of nearby map+picture which make it possible for you to see clear people around you. So just let us take an initiative to talk with people who are near you. There is nothing as nice as saying hello to people you are unknowing.

    Based on the LBS’s Chatroom
    Chat with interesting people in your city, at the park, at a coffee house, anywhere. No complicated setup process, people to follow, or rooms to configure. Simply strike out the conversation happening around you. Chatting to locals is easy as all you need to do is to start up iAround, and it will automatically place you in a chat room based on location. Meanwhile, the chatroom of iAround makes the communication more efficiency because the various ways to express users self is available, such as using the photo, audio, and video and so on. In varying degree, this will facilitate the interaction within users.

    Connecting people all over the world by photos
    There are many reasons to attract you in iAround. One of them is photos sharing, which connects foreigners all over the world, changing them into good friends and fans. In iAround, functions as photos nearby, newest and popular can let you see beautiful girls, handsome guys, views, humanities……wherever you are.

    Diversity profile i
    Around shows the abundant profile including picture, gender, age, birthday, constellations, marital status, your location, the purpose of making friend, growth progress, leaderboard, education, career, hobbies and so on. These will be not only the first step for you to getting know strangers, but also strength the communication of any types of topic.

    iAround is creating a closer elastic relationship. When this social network is familiar with many people, iAround controls thousands of meeting incidents between them. In other words, it’s very possible that iAround can create a relationship which Facebook can’t achieve, for example: you search friends in Facebook (Value of Facebook is to get the relationship of real life into internet), but in iAround (It bases on chatting online, developing, creating new relationship), it’s more like ‘People who brush past you will meet you’.

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