IBM on the High-End, Motorola on the Low-End

Should IBM develop high-end PPC chips and Motorola develop low-end PPC chips?

  • Yes! This is a great idea! :D

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  • No! It would never work! :mad:

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  • Well, that would be great, but IBM/Motorola should let Apple continue focusing more on software deve

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  • This would have some pluses and some drawbacks. :o

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  • :rolleyes: I have a better idea! :D

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  • I honestly don't know. :confused:

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  • Nah, I'm not even going there. :p

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Original poster
Jul 23, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee USA
With Motorola seemingly not able to keep up with consumer demand for high-performance PPC chips, and with IBM's 64-bit Power4 PPC processors on the way, wouldn't it be nice if Motorola just stuck with the low-end PPC chip market and IBM with the high-end.

It just makes so much sense for Apple, IBM, and Motorola to work together on a plan like this. From everything that I've seen and heard in the past few weeks, it seems like Motorola struggles to put out high-end PPC chips that are small enough to fit in the case and have low-power consumption; IBM doesn't seem to have this problem. IBM should work on putting out high-end chips that easily rival Intel's IA-64 and the upcoming 64-bit AMD chips, while Motorola should work on making processors that compete with Celeron and Duron class processors. And with both a high-end and low-end PPC market, power-hungry users can buy the IBM's high-end PPC chips at a higher price, and less power-hungry budget-minded users can purchase Motorola's low-end chips; their would then be a wide price range on Apple Macintosh computers (possibly giving consumers some sub $1,000 machines)--a definite plus for consumers!

What do you think?


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Mar 9, 2002
I think whoever makes the fastest affordable PPC chip's are the ones that should be included in the top end machines...... currently it's Moto, if IBM come up with something more than dandy then it should be IBM simple as that.....

I must say though, some of the rumours regarding IBM at the mo and their development of next generation PPC chips do sound very promising.......


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Feb 8, 2002
It seems to me that IBM would be a natural fit, at this point in time, for the high end machines. Most of their development is new and yet to be "paid" for. As such, not only are they more advanced, but more expensive, and thus suitable for a pro-level machine at a pro-level cost.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
After seeing the potential of the power4 and not really getting any new stuff from Moto - I hope they make the move to the power4, it truly will be a better way to go.



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Jul 1, 2002
Brooklyn, NY
I don't really care who manufactures what as long as Apple hardware becomes competitive with their PC counterpart.
I think that reflects the consumer point of view. :D


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Original poster
Jul 23, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee USA
Yes, exactly elensil. That's what I'm saying.

Perhaps IBM should make 64-bit chips, and Motorola should focus on making 32-bit chips (for now). It would be great if nVidia would jump in there as well and make motherboards for IBM.

That's my $0.02. ;)


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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
Personally, I think it'd be better for Apple to use IBM chips for their pro line, and keep the G4's in the low end computers. They've already positioned themselves for this... The iMac's G4 is catching up with the low end PowerMac. The only pro computer that wouldn't have an IBM chip would be the PowerBook, but that's mainly because it's going to take at least a year to get a power 4 to fit nicely inside of a laptop without draining the battery in 10 minutes (unless Apple uses nuclear power in their next line of portables! :cool: )


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Jul 7, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
I would like to see a Power4 or slightly less powerful version in a PowerMac. This would render my "PCs are way faster than Macs" friend speechless. Especially running around 2GHz with 400MHz DDR Ram. I hope what I'm saying isn't just a pipe dream...:(
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