iBook 500Mhz DVD Major Problems!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Pookster, May 4, 2003.

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    May 7, 2002
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    OK this is my first Post here ...

    Hey Arn.. Long time reading fist time poster *ahem*

    Alright I have a ibook late July 2001 model 500Mhz DVD

    Since I bought the computer i've had nothing but problems there the list:

    1. Network card wouldnt work, took it in to my local Dealer they told me that it needed a new Logic board so they fixed that took about 2 weeks

    2. Problems with the battery and still to this day I only get about 1 hour of Charge they said its because of the extra ram i have 384 Mb. and Airport

    3. LCD screen makes cracking noise when opening and closing took it back, this happen after they put a new logic board in they greased the insides they said. seems to be alright, this was done twice so far.

    4. Because of the network card problem, I bought a Airport 802.11b and Airport Card that seemed to do the Job for about 4 -5 months. Then it didnt work at all. Called up my Local Dealer yet again and told them my problem, they told me to bring everything down they tested the computer but the problem was that the computer was only about 10 -15 away from their Basestation I told them that it has to be the computer they said the Basestation, so they ordered me a new Basestation! , well thats what they told me.

    Took it home and still the same problem Called them again their tech told me ( this is not Apple, this dealer in Canada) it was my walls in my house.. And didnt want to deal with the problem.

    5. Went to a different dealer, Which Is way better than the place I bought the computer from, the support is great! They told me it was the wire that connects to the airport Card they fixed it, and it worked better than the day I bought the computer.

    6. This is where I am today the computer is back yet again to have the Airport wire replaced . They don't know what is causing the problems but they said it might take a week to figure everything out.

    SO right now I have a ibook that is being repaired more than getting use out of it!

    Am I wrong to think that I should ask Apple for a replacement due to the fact I dont want to have to repaired it every 2-3 months? And applecare doesnt last for EVER!

    Like to here your Comments


    Called and talked to Apple, they reviewed the problems and called me back a hour & half later telling me that because of the LCD problem and the battery, that they would replace the unit with a new 900mhz Combo drive iBook!

    All I have to say good thing for Applecare!

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