iBook and eMac's future

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by srobert, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Jan 7, 2002
    Ok. We've seen the Powermac, iPod, iMac and powerbook's revision.

    Next in line: iBoom and eMac

    What do you think will be in store for those 2 products (Specs)? Should we look forward to it? Is it a question of weeks or months? Does the eMac still have a future as a low-end/education machine?

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    It looks to me now like the iBooks are not a good deal anymore, compared to the newly released powerbooks. For a little more you get a much more capable laptop. I still think ibooks are great but Apple will have to either lower prices or upgrade the whole line. (I'm NOT talking G4 here) We've heard many rumors of a possible G3 chip with Altivec. If it's true, it could put the iBooks back on the map.

    Concerning the eMac... well... you still get a decent machine if you take in consideration the MHz/$ formula. The brand new iMac only still have a 0.25 GHz top speed advantage. It might not have all the latest features (LCD, USB2, Firewire 800 and Bluetooth), but arhuably, this is OK for the education market. Personally, I would'nt mind seding the next eMac with the EXACT same specs if this could mean a considerably lower price, let's say $599ish. (Is that even possible?)

    I really would love to see apple build a headless consumer mac. Think iMac without the LCD or eMac without the CRT. I know this has often been debated here but I sure would like to purchase one or two of these low cost machines to put around the house. I could easily imagine one of these hooked to my TV as it's sole monitor and use the wireless keyboard and mouse to browse the net form my couch. I'm pretty sure this could be made to cost around $600. Such a setup could also be used in offices, sinse apple seems to be trying to enter that arena. Well. I agree that my personal taste does'nt necessarily reflect the public opinion so this might not even be a profitable venture... but a man can dream.

    What are you folks' opinions?

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