iBook G4 12' Questions

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  1. d00kie macrumors member

    Mar 20, 2004
    I'm interested in getting my hands on the 12' iBook and I have a few questions;

    What would be the PC equivalent of the 800mhz G4 (intel, AMD)? I heard somewhere that it was about XP 1800.

    One of the main reasons behind choosing the iBook is because it offers a lot of portability for about a grand. I plan to use my Wacom Grapphire 3 tablet with it on the road and I want to know if the battery will be able to handle the extra load. I guess if it can handle a wireless mouse/keyboard then it should be able to power the pen tablet. Or am I better off with a tablet PC (which I believe do not have pressure sensitivity and I'll definitely be cleaning the screen constantly)?

    So how does Photoshop handle on the 800 G4? Actually this is probably a dumb question since I've been dragging my 600mhz Celeron for years now and it runs PS7 nicely.

    How does the Mac OS X fare in the video playing department? I watch a lot of fansubs and most of them are in the avi format that require codecs like DivX, xvid and 3ivx. Is quicktime the only media player for the OS X.

    Also, do they give educational discounts at the Apple Retail Store? I'll pay sales tax either way so might as well pick one up if I can get it at an edu. price. Maybe I should have asked them on my last visit.

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. hugemullens macrumors 6502a


    Dec 15, 2002
    I won't give you a clock speed equivelent. Infact i think it'd be well lower than a 1800+. That's all i'll say. I'd just call it "adequate". It will have no problem with photoshop. Lots of media players exist for OS X. I belive the official apple stores do edu discounts, but not apple resellers. Don't be afraid to get the ibook regardless of its clock speed, it may not be "fast" but with OS X behind it, its certianly as powerful as any PC laptop.

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