iPod iBrator...for real.

katie ta achoo

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May 2, 2005
I just wanted to know when my store would start to get protested for selling it.

I AM in Texas, after all.


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
swingerofbirch said:
Nowhere does it say exactly what this device is meant to vibrate. I am not much into the world of these devices. Is it for the orifice that men and women both have? Or the one that only a woman has?
I'm pretty sure it's for whichever orifices you'd want to use it with. Any particular reason you're asking? ;)


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Nov 27, 2003
From the site:

...I am ordering one for everyone I know this Holiday season...Makes my traveling a lot less painful!!! J.N. San Francisco
Assuming the customer quotes are true (BIG assumption, of course):

Firstly, do people actually 'wear' these while travelling? :eek:

Secondly, is it common practice in some places for women to buy each other 'surprise vibrators'? :)

Thirdly, if the 'thing' vibrates in time with the music then I guess soothing classical music is out of the question; though Bolero would be perfect :D

Fourth and lastly, why does the link open in the shopping cart? ;)