iCab 2.9 released


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Aug 4, 2002
Madison, Wi
According to the release notes, many parts of iCab have been rewritten (new cache management and other internal changes), "because of this iCab is now much faster." Version 2.9 also adds new search features, and some bug fixes, workarounds and new features for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). iCab is available for Mac OS 7.1 or higher and Mac OS X.

no need for it really unless you don't like Safari...


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Jul 16, 2002
Monterrey, Mexico
Here at the company I work for, are common the web pages with a lot of ASP's and java.
So icab does not work well in any of them.
Safari has it's problems too, but few. I think it will works fine when they fix the java thing.


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Nov 9, 2002
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Re: iCab 2.9 released

Originally posted by medea
no need for it really unless you don't like Safari...
I think it is important to download and test drive every browser available. How else do you stay on top of browser developments? This is what makes Mac users so great: most of us love to try every product, rather than let M$ tell us which is best.



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Feb 5, 2002
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You've gotta give it credit for being the only modern web browser that can still run on a 33MHz Quadra. It's even less bloated than Safari, with tons more preferences.


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Oct 26, 2002
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icab's support for html4 is decent, but the more i do with css the less seriously i take it, omniweb, and opera. for web development it IS good to test with everything available, but ns6/7, moz, chimera, ie (unfortunately), and now safari are the ones to worry about. actually before safari i didn't give much thought to linux and konqueror, but now i have a way of testing for that too.


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Dec 29, 2001
I'd only reccomend iCab on old pre G3 systems, its got the poorest java/css/html support of all the browsers. But its a decent browser for old systems


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Jan 14, 2003
iCab is great 2nd browser

I had been using iCab as my main browser since 3 years ago. Sure it has problems rendering some pages but I put that down to web designers taking the easy way and writting everything for Internet Explorer. For the sites I visit, iCab suits me fine.

The main advantage this browser has over everything else out there is that once a page is loaded you can save it as a self contained archive for off-line viewing. For 56kbs surfers this is a great way to minimise your time on the Net - find the page you are looking for, download it and read it later. When you try to do this with the other browsers they only save the HTML of the page, not the pictures. As for Internet Explorer (this is the only other browser to feature this option), if your page is loaded and you try to save it as an archive, the contents of the page have to be re-downloaded, which is not very efficient.

Another great feature is that if you have multiple windows open you can neatly stack them horizontally, vertically or diagonally across your screen. This feature was in iCab before Tabs became the flavour of the month.

iCab also has the best printing options. I can preview the page I want to print and change the size of the text so that less paper can be used. Now how can anyone not like software which is good for the environment?

Safari is my main browser now but I still use iCab to save pages for off-line viewing. I just wish the developers dropped the "still a preview" attitude and released the full product. I mean it has been a few years allready, how much time do they need?